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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rain, Rain.... Don't Go Away!!

I love the rain! It's raining outside of my window right now. I'm looking at my view up Palafox Street and it looks softer in the rain.

Don't get me wrong, I love the sunshine too! And I would never be able to stand endless rain. But still, there is something beautiful and soothing about rainy days. I always want to curl up and listen to the sound of the drops with a good book or a nap. And if there's no lightening- I want to play! Katie and I used to go horseback riding in the rain during the summers and rip around the pasture soaking wet. When we were really little, my Daddy would drag an old mattress and blankets onto the front porch of our house in Louisiana and we would watch the storms pass. Or in safe rains, Mama would let us run around in the yard and wash our hair in the runoff from the gutters.

Rainy day view from my office window

Storm blowing in over the Grand Canyon (one of my all time favorite places)

Did I forget to mention that I also love the mud that rain creates???

What about you- rain or no?


  1. I agree! Sometimes I'm in the mood for it! Especially when I'm sleeping!!! :)

  2. i love loud rain with thunderstorms. especially in florida. and it cools everything off.

    you're so cute all muddy!!

  3. you should be in dc right now - its been raining for two days non-stop!


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