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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here comes 2011...

And am I ever ready! No offense to those of you who liked 2010, but it pretty much stunk for me. I had some great highlights, it's true. But mostly it's been pretty rough. I'm not a fan.

I am headed to The Woodlands today to begin my new year where I love to be the most.

In 2011 I want to:
Return to The Woodlands permanently- Please, Lord! and start a new life chapter
Get back on track with diet & exercise to fight the PCOS
Learn more about PCOS and how to cope with its future repercussions
Study the Bible! 
Visit Amanda, Shannon and T
Continue to grow my friendships, because they are my life blood
Spend more time with AC- we live in the same town for Heaven's sake!
Focus on the good

But first, I want to eat whatever terrible for me food Niki has planned and drink wine and champagne into the New Year!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Top 10 of 2010

I can't post my favorite dresses, shoes or outfits of 2010 because I don't really take photos of my clothing too often. I'm not exactly a fashion maven. So I decided to narrow it down to favorite moments of 2010.

#10 - Kim & Steve's Wedding
It's probably awful to put a wedding last, but at least it made the Top 10. Let's be honest here, as amazing as it is that Kimmie got married for the first time the day after her 50th Birthday- we all caught some horrid virus that crippled us. But the story leading up to the wedding is hilarious, so check out these two posts to relive:

#9 - Pirate Party
I'm not that sure what more I can say aside from: we got to dress as pirates, beer was involved and it was at The Paradise! Possible I could add that T Hamm drew a 'stach on her face!!

#8 - Picking up Sal at the Airport at 9pm
Again- not sure this needs much explanation! T Hamm and I found the most hideous clothes we could in Sally's closet, paired them together, put them on, and went to that airport to get her. 

#7 - T's Lingerie Shower and Wedding
I'm sorry- but I STILL think I am a genius for dressing the dog as T's stripper for the party. And how can that second pick not be a top 10 moment?? Love my T Hamm!!

#6 - Apalachicola 
So, in Apalachicola you can take your dog to the beach! And did I mention that when you're there you can take your dog to the beach?? Mama and I had an amazing trip with just the two of us and it was magical!

#5 - Katie and Amanda's Visit
I mean- both sisters in the same place with me? What more is there to say? Maybe that we went to Margaritaville, got drunk, lost Mama on the beach... 

#4 - 4th of July Weekend
My AC, T Hamm and I had a most incredible weekend! We beached it, snuck into Margaritaville, and rode bikes to the fireworks while narrowly avoiding multiple small children!

#3 - My Garden
I know you remember my millions of gardening posts... you're probably still over them! But it was so great to have my little veggie and flower gardens and to play and watch them grow!

#2 - Rainy day at the beach
AC and I picked a horridly hot day to hit the beach, despite the oil spill, got rained on and ended up at The Paradise with Mama J and Daddy Jams watching the Electric Mullets. It was a great day!

#1 - Niki
I can't help it- my sweet Roommate will always win! Every moment I get to spend with her is a blessing!

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Shabby-Chic Christmas

Christmas at the Hamlin household was unexpectedly calm and nice! The Hamlin Zoo is not exactly known for its peaceful, undramatic holidays. But with two of the three Hamlin girls away this year, I was unable to create a commotion on my own. Aside from a few minutes of rough tears over my Gran, we sailed through unscathed this year!

My Paw Paw and Uncle Lar came in to be with Mama, Daddy, Van, Pixie and I and Sal rode over for a great Christmas dinner- I made homemade dinner rolls, oyster dressing and sweet potatoes.

And we had tons of presents! I dubbed myself the "Princess of Christmas" this year and wore a pink tiara for the entire two days.

I went around Mama's house and snapped some pictures of her cutie decor. My Mama is the queen of shabby-chic decorating and our house was filled with her arrangements of vintage ornaments, a rustic manger scene, poinsettia pillows, and vintage napkins for mimosa drinking.

Last Christmas and New Year was so traumatic, I think we were all appreciative of our peaceful two days filled with family, friends and the fire place.
If you're wondering what that is on my head... Kimmie sent me this ridiculous snow hat for a gift. So I wore it, naturally!

And, of course, it's not a Hamlin Family holiday without or pets.

Vannie G tucked in and waiting on Santa

Pixie Dust trying not to freeze

Merry Christmas!

Mama & Pixie enjoying the fire (please note Mama's ribbon-decorated sweat shirt)

Mama dividing her attention between her dog and grand-dog

Goodbye' til next year, Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This Christmas I'll Be...

Missing this...

Crying for this...

Adoring this...

Doing lots of this!

Cuddling with this...

Laughing with this...

Hugging this a million times...

Seeing this again...

Entertaining this...

Looking forward to this...

An definitely this...

And sitting by this!

Most of all, I will be grateful for this...
Because it means that no matter what I am missing, pining for or hurting from- the best is yet to come!!

Please, please have a blessed Christmas!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Old Pics

I used this photo to make a Christmas gift for my Paw Paw. I just love it- it's of him in Germany during WWII. He fought in Patton's Third Army and led a supply division at the age of 23. Amazing, isn't it?
Jack Richard Mincher, March 1945

This is my Granny when she was about 24 just after she and Paw Paw were married. Isn't she gorgeous? If this is how those old pictures make you look, I only want to be photographed this way!
Mary Kathryn Burleson Mincher around 1946

Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Kick-off in Covington

Pics from the weekend trip to Covington!

Pixie in the Driver's Seat

the always-present wine in the glove box of Mama's car

Boutineer I made for Paw Paw to wear in his concert 

Getting ready

Pointing out his favorite granddaughter! Hehehehe

This lady is adorable, but I really wanted to know what she had in her clear glass bottle with a cork... this is a Louisiana retirement home, folks. One never knows!

Festive red and green walkers... HA!!

The Christwood Singers

Paw Paw and his girls. How cute is he??

Amount of luggage needed for a one night stay in the retirement home

Day 2: lunch with Aunt Karen!

Lunch's main course ;)

Then TONS of shopping which I was too busy to take pictures during, a stop at one of Mama's best high school friend's houses and a GREAT mother-daughter dinner

Go cup they gave Mama for her wine after our dinner. Gotta love Louisiana!! The straw is really key for a $12 glass of wine ;)

Pixie refusing to be left behind

Pixie's preferred seat on the way home was looking out the window

My favorite conversation of the weekend:

Paw Paw: complaining about his money and having to pay for dinner when he, Uncle Tom and Aunt Karen went out a few nights before (my grandfather has nearly a million dollars in Exxon stock)
Me: Paw Paw, why are you worried about that? You have plenty of money to go out to eat sometimes.
Paw Paw: No, no. I consider that ya'lls money. I just have it for now, but I made it for all of you (awww, so sweet)
Me: Oh, well, I don't mind of you use it for dinner sometimes!

a little while later

Paw Paw: teasing/fussing about giving us all money for Christmas
Me: Paw Paw, I thought you said it was our money. You're just giving us what's ours!
Paw Paw: Yeah, but right now I like to count it every day.

Mama and I bought him an automatic-counting bank for Christmas to save him some time counting his money every day (which he probably does)

Hope your start to the last week before Christmas was a great as mine!

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