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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Live Imperfectly With Great Delight!

I am constantly having to remind myself that I am not perfect, and God never promised us that life would be perfect. This is really hard for me. Really, really hard! I tend to want what I want and I think that what it is that I want will make my life exactly how I think it would be perfect.

But I'm wrong on that. I know I must be, because God knows what is perfect for me and God is never late. And yet... I still struggle with imperfection.

My sweet friend AC gave me a rockin' canteen to take with me on my marathon 4 month road trip that said two things:
"Life is tough, I recommend a manicure and a really cute helmet."
"Live imperfectly with great delight."

Good things to remember! I use that canteen every day at the gym and remind myself to enjoy the imperfections.

I had an extremely imperfect moment yesterday when I was leaving work. I was walking down the hall in these super cute, kitten heel slip on sandals and I arrived at the kick plate that divides the carpeting from the brick floors. Somehow I managed to have my foot and shoe at exaaaaactly the right height to catch the tiny little rubber guard at the edge of the heel under the kick plate. Since the shoe was a sandal with no heel strap, my toe didn't catch until I was about 2/3 of the way through my stride. I got stuck and dangled there for a sec (saying, very intelligently, "Oh, oh, oh!!") until the rubber guard just broke off the shoe and I went stumbling forward into the lobby. It was awesome- about 4 people saw me... 4 people I see in the building daily. Thankfully I caught myself before I bit it. So I just straightened up and forced my aching toe to walk without a limp out of the building- clicking all the way because there was no plastic guard on my heel, so it was metal on brick. Lovely.

Well, imperfection reigns, we might as well accept it!


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  2. oh my gosh!!!! crazy!!! i love you!!!


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