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Monday, June 7, 2010

Perms & Shoot Outs

I had pictures of news trucks lined up down Pensacola Beach from yesterday to show you, but I forgot my camera today. Plus that's depressing and I'm getting away from my blogging roots here.

Back to randomness...

My Mama went for a perm this weekend. A PERM! Didn't those go out in about 1990?? It never ceases to amaze me that the woman perms her hair. Or that she forced me to perm it pretty much until I went to college. Awful! At least she's finally found someone that perms it minimally and has (thank you Lord) talked her into not brushing it. Because yes, ladies, she brushes her perms!! AHH!!

So T and I were discussing Mama's hilarious nature when we remembered this lovely tale:

Every year, my work puts on this children's parade led by Santa Claus down the streets of downtown to the huge switch that turns on all the Christmas lights. My precious family loves me enough to attend this debacle. About 4 years ago, the police blocking the streets turned their lights on and ran off in the middle of the parade (leaving about 400 small children in the street unprotected no less!). Come to find out, there was a shooting a few blocks over. How nice. On the way home, poor Amanda had to drive with Mama who swore she knew exactly how to get home and ended up directing Amanda right through the middle of the closed off area where the shooting was. The shooting that Mama dubbed, "The ShOOt Out!!!" Amanda tells a different story, but let's go with Mama's because it's much more entertaining. Mama keeps telling Amanda, "Left here, right here..." and manages to turn them into about 4 separate police cars where the officers had their guns out and ,"We got stuck in a ShOOT Out!!" Because Pensacola has now actually become the Wild, Wild West in case you were unaware. Mama finally yells to Amanda to, "DUCK!" To which Amanda responds, quite rationally, that she can't duck because she's driving.

They finally arrive home, about 20 minutes after me- which was odd since I had to stay and clean up, and Mama comes flying into the front door screeching, "Amanda and I were in a ShOOt Out! A SHOOT OUT!! We got stuck in the streets and people were shooting around us! I felt like I was on one of those cop shows!!" My daddy, being rather used to Mama's crazy experiences, remained calm and went about getting dinner ready while listening. This just was not going to do for Mama, so she grabs him as he turned to head out the door to the grill with two raw chickens and corners him and is jumping up and down in front of him (she's 5'4, he's 6'1) banging him on the shoulders while he tries to balance raw chickens screeching, "BEEEEUUUL (supposed to be Bill), BEEEUUUL!! Did you HEAR me? I was in a SHOOT Out!!! I almost Died!!!! This goes on for about 2 minutes while T, my sisters, and I crack up and Daddy manages to keep the chicken off the floor. The evening ended with us watching the news, because Mama was certain she was going to be on it. Much to her dismay- the "ShOOt Out" did not make it onto the news, but my Elf Parade did.

My theory is that the rogue cowboys in the Wild, Wild West of Pensacola saw some crazy lady with a perm screeching in a car and took shelter.

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