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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Girls I Grew Up With

I was just reading on (really fun website), and found an article by Sarah Heyward about "the girls" she grew up with. Not the chicks from Twilight, Jersey Shore or Hanna Montana. But girls in books.

Books were a craze when I was a kid (especially for me).

Here are the girls I grew up with:

Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield in Sweet Valley High (my sisters and I even had the board game)

Jessie and Violet (with their brothers) in The Boxcar Children

Ashleigh in Thoroughbred (Katie and I fought over these)

Laura and Mary in Little House on the Prairie (and the TV series too)

I know I read others- but these were my staples. 

What girls did you grow up with? 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cowboys Classic

Went to THIS GAME!!!

I adore college football- and this was an amazing kickoff to the 2011 season! And naturally, we kicked some duck booty (tail??)!

College Game Day set up! I was trying to get to meet Erin Andrews. Didn't happen.

So- guess what? Cowboy's Stadium is in a dry county. We drove to this fine establishment for Bourbon. I'm not a big Bourbon drinker- but Daddy informed me that it was my duty. 

Lemonade comes in a boot in Dallas. :)

DUCK! Yes, I ate it.

Love that the Bourbon Street Limo made the trip.

Cowboy's Stadium. And yes, it is as cool as it's supposed to be. 


Bad pic, but oh well. My cutie Daddy-o

Love my daddy

It's not an LSU football game if someone isn't passed out in the grass. I posed with him- but just so you know, I did not pass out!! I gave that up in college. :)

Gearing up for the Saints tonight! WHO DAT!

Hey Mandee, still my blog friend? 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Are You Ready For Some Football?

I am a blogging SLACKER lately! And guess what? I am going to slack a little more... because tomorrow I am headed out for a weekend of football!

My beloved Tigers are playing their season opener against the Oregon Ducks in Dallas. Cowboy Stadium,baby! I love me some LSU- I bleeeeeed Purple and Gold! So off I go and I will return with many pics!

This year's "official football quote" that the season is revolving around was written by our amazing home game announcer, Dan Bourne. I gave me goosebumps! It's death valley, folks...

"It's a pantheon of Concrete and Steel.
It's a city that rises defiantly in the Delta alongside the father of waters.
It's the humidity of Autumn evenings that drapes stately oaks and broad magnolias.
It is haunted, and it is loud.
It is Halloween night & cannon blasts.
It is a Louisiana Gumbo of humanity that cheers its Tigers to victory,
and destroys the dreams of invading foes.
Chance of rain is... NEVER!
It's the Cathedral of college football, and worship happens here.
When the sun finds its home in the Western sky,
It's a field of glory for sure...
But much more than that, it is a sacred place.
And it's Saturday Night in

Dear God, I love College Football! Let the games begin!!

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