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Friday, August 17, 2012


I love quotes. i could probably have an entire wall in my house full of quotes. Pinterest makes my obsession so much easier! Especially the people at Some E Cards. LOVE those!! Here are a few of my faves since i started using Pinterest.
This happened to me so many times in Florida! Now i just avoid meetings.

I hate camping.

I learned this from my Mama

Geaux Tigers!!!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Staunch Demublican

So, I was talking to my friend Ashley (yes, we have the same name and yes, that's how we became friends) last night and discussing politics. I enjoy discussing politics- crazy, I know. But I should clarify; I enjoy discussing politics if you are able to do so in a sane, unemotional way. You know how they are always talking about the 1% and the 99%? Well, there is another demographic that fits into that ratio: the percentage of people that can discuss politics rationally. And just so you know- no one on FOX or CNN have the ability to do so. MSNBC tries.

At any rate, we were discussing our political affiliations and I finally declared myself a Demublican. I'm too conservative to be a full on Democrat. I believe in things in moderation, and calculated, planned change. Sorry- not right wing enough. On the other hand- the GOP is really just a party of old, fat, white good ole boys. I am much too progressive for that. So there you go- I am a Demublican. I can't be an Independent because that party gets nothing done- and I am a get it done kind of girl.

After our chat, I thought about it more. You know- it really would be nice if we could all just be American. Nieves idea, I know this. But united we stand and divided we fall. And let's face it- we are divided and we are falling as of late. So maybe instead of bashing each other through November we could try to grow that 1%.

Hahaha- yeah right!

This is Ashley, fondly referred to as "AC." How cute are we?

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