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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

All the Eggs in my Basket

So, you're probably all going to think this post is ridiculous. But I was so excited last night when we found this HUGE egg at the barn!

OK, so I know it doesn't look that huge to you.But trust me, it is. I can prove it. The egg on the left is one of the regular farm eggs. If you weight it on the scale versus a "large" or "extra large" egg bought in the grocery, our eggs are equal or a little bigger. The chickens are free range, so they just naturally make larger eggs. 

Here's the smaller sized egg on our cute little antique scale. It's registering at a little over 29 oz, which would be "Extra Large" in the grocery.

Here's the huge egg- it just maxes out the scale. We didn't have anything else to weight it on, or I totally would have.

I know I'm SO nerdy, but for some reason this just fascinates me! I was so excited last night. 
When I was a kid, Sally made us learn all about the eggs and the chickens, so I guess it stuck.
I'm pretty sure it has a double yolk. I may cook it tonight- if I do I'll let you know!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Live Imperfectly With Great Delight!

I am constantly having to remind myself that I am not perfect, and God never promised us that life would be perfect. This is really hard for me. Really, really hard! I tend to want what I want and I think that what it is that I want will make my life exactly how I think it would be perfect.

But I'm wrong on that. I know I must be, because God knows what is perfect for me and God is never late. And yet... I still struggle with imperfection.

My sweet friend AC gave me a rockin' canteen to take with me on my marathon 4 month road trip that said two things:
"Life is tough, I recommend a manicure and a really cute helmet."
"Live imperfectly with great delight."

Good things to remember! I use that canteen every day at the gym and remind myself to enjoy the imperfections.

I had an extremely imperfect moment yesterday when I was leaving work. I was walking down the hall in these super cute, kitten heel slip on sandals and I arrived at the kick plate that divides the carpeting from the brick floors. Somehow I managed to have my foot and shoe at exaaaaactly the right height to catch the tiny little rubber guard at the edge of the heel under the kick plate. Since the shoe was a sandal with no heel strap, my toe didn't catch until I was about 2/3 of the way through my stride. I got stuck and dangled there for a sec (saying, very intelligently, "Oh, oh, oh!!") until the rubber guard just broke off the shoe and I went stumbling forward into the lobby. It was awesome- about 4 people saw me... 4 people I see in the building daily. Thankfully I caught myself before I bit it. So I just straightened up and forced my aching toe to walk without a limp out of the building- clicking all the way because there was no plastic guard on my heel, so it was metal on brick. Lovely.

Well, imperfection reigns, we might as well accept it!

Friday, June 25, 2010

UPS Wills

Welcome to UPSSo, I talked to my parents about getting a will made, just because they own property and a fairly successful business and on the off chance anything happened I thought it would be a good idea. They agreed, so yay.

I asked Mama about it the other day, and she told me that they had spoken to a lawyer and found out what needed to be done, but that a friend told her you could just go to the UPS Store and pick one up so that's what she was going to do.

My parents are having a will made... at the UPS Store...

Happy Weekend! :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

There's a Beaver in my Trunk!

This is a completely and totally true story, I swear it.

So, remember when I told you about Sally's daughters? Well, this involves them.

A few years ago, for New Year's Eve, we decided to all stay home and have our own dinner and party instead of going out. We ended up planning a "Missed America" beauty pageant where everything you wore came from a thrift or discount store. That's a whole other story in itself, so we'll talk about that later. But for background: one of the questions in the Q&A segment of the pageant was Annie's question, "If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?" To which she answered very demurely, "I would be the beaver, because I repel water and can chew through wood with my teeth..." So many comments to surround this answer, but let's just stick with saying that it caused a ripple effect that meant everyone in the family immediately started collecting beaver paraphernalia for Annie.

A year later, Annie got engaged and the wedding planning began. Meanwhile, separately, the random beaver themes kept going.

At the time, there was a lady cleaning our stalls at the farm that was wonderful, and just as crazy as we are. She and her family were always over and knew Annie well, and also about all of our antics. She was driving down the road in Molino (a little, odd redneck town North of Pensacola) when she saw a dead beaver on the side of the road. Being part of our crazy crew, she pulled over, backed up, and put the beaver into the trunk of her bright yellow VW bug and drove it home with her where she put it into her freezer.

Again- I promise this is true.

The following week, she brought it over to Sally's and transfered it into HER freezer as a surprise. Sally, also being crazy, was delighted and we all got a huge laugh out of the beaver gift. Poor beaver, he lived in the freezer for a few months because no one could quite bring themselves to dispose of him. Then Sally came up with her genius plan... she would have him stuffed for Annie's wedding and he could be the center piece. Kim, Annie and I, being crazy, thought this was a fabulous idea! Paul (the fiancĂ©e) didn't really get a choice in the matter.

So Sally finds a taxidermist she's satisfied with (this took a while) and decides to take the (still frozen) beaver to him one Saturday afternoon. I was over along with a random Navy pilot taking horseback riding lessons from Sally who we won't discuss because I dated him and he turned out to be a jerk. But at the time, we liked him, so let's just go along with the story...
Sally, from her bathroom, yells to us in the living room, "Drew! I need some help with my beaver." I fell on the floor laughing, Drew looked horrified. She follows that statement (deadpan) with, "I keep it in the freezer in the garage. It's too heavy for me, can you get it out and put it in the bed of my truck. I'm taking it to the taxidermist."

Me: Still laughing hysterically
Drew: Still looking flabbergasted and afraid

We let the poor guy go on like this for a few minutes until I regained enough control to explain- which only sent all three of us into hysterics.

Drew helped Sally with her beaver, and three weeks later he (the beaver) came home, stuffed and mounted in a little woodland scene, chewing through wood with his teeth. He really is a lovely beaver. And he made multiple appearances at the wedding including at the very quaint pre-wedding tea party.

See, told you it was a true story!

Sadly, I can't find my beaver wedding photos, but we have some great ones. The wedding was this beautiful, very classy event downtown. The beaver was behind the bar at the center of the room, under the spot light. Currently, he lives in Sally's bedroom.

So that's my story for today. And here's are a few more wedding photos (sans beaver) just for the hell of it!

Groomsmen, all fresh off the plane from New Zealand. The groom's a Kiwi.

Ceremony in Old Christ Church

Bride skateboarding in Vera Wang gown (seriously)

Walking to the reception

First Dance

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pensacola Beach

I'm sorry, I had a really funny story to blog about today. But this is all I can think about now:

Pensacola Beach

The Governor

I don't even know what to say. I can't believe this is really happening. I just want to cry.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

AC & Sadie

I have no reason for this post except that I stumbled across these photos today and they mad me laugh! Have a peek...

Me & The Hubbs fighting over a beer???

At Pensacola's 450th Birthday Party 

The Goddess dancing with the City Attorney

Bootie dancing newlyweds


With the band

This, now THIS is what cracks me up! WHAT?????

Sarah gets beads from homeless man's bicycle

Me as conquistador

Sarah as conquistador, me hugging her? Or maybe strangling her?

Sorry this is sideways, but please turn your head to the left and tell me it doesn't look like AC is shooting a firework out of her beer!

There were a few times during this night I actually thought I was drunk, only to realize that I was just having too much fun!! loved it!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pollyanna and a Frustrating Day

I am hugely blessed and have a great life. I also have my share of drama, and sometimes that drama just gets me. Especially when "the hormonies," as my best friend calls them, kick in. And my hormonies are basically whacked and in a constant state of disarray. 

Oh boy, I am having one of those days! You know- the kind where nothing bad has really happened, you should actually be pretty good, if you complain people are going to think you're a jerk, and yet.... darn if you're not just down and out and in a bad mood!

But, I say all of this not to complain (although I kinda want to), but to remind myself- and you on your bad days- that playing the Pollyanna Game. Did you ever watch Pollyanna? My Mama played it for us all the time. And the game is to count things you have to be happy about when you're in a bad mood.

So here's my list for today:

My sweet Van Geaux is getting well!! She's a little better every day and should be able to go home (THANK GOODNESS) next weekend. I am really ready to have my life back!

A Mama that plays with me. This is us in the rain this weekend!

A great friend who listens to me daily- happy or sad- and never gives up on me!

Chocolate Ice Cream (I will be getting some on my way home!)

Chris Hodges and Church of the Highlands. He is hysterical and such a cute pastor. I burn his sermons to CD or put them on my iPod (thanks, also, to AC) and listen to them while I commute. He lifts my spirits. You should listen to the series on Hope - Amazing!!

Wine! I know- maybe this shouldn't be on my top list. But you know what? I just enjoy it so very much and it makes me quite happy!

Having a job, even when it's not fulfilling me as much as I'd like. I get a steady pay check and a lot of people don't, so I'm grateful. 

I listen to the song "Circle of Friends" by Point of Grace a lot, and I really am thankful for my friends. If you talk to me, lift my spirit, encourage me or make me smile- you're in it. If you're reading this, you can be sure you're in it. So thanks. Every person, every bit of love, every piece of happiness makes a difference. Girlfriends are vital!!

And if you happen to know anyone in The Woodlands, Texas, let me know, PLEASE! ;)

Your turn- make a list!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Kendall inspired me- tribute to Daddies!!

My daddy is such a sweet, precious human being. He's raised three girls and never missed a beat without a son. When we were little he used to say, "Pink, pink, pink- All I see in Pink!!" and then he moved on to simply selecting pink as his favorite color.

The poor man has endured so much- we used to decorate his underwear! So serious! And bless him, he WORE them. He always wears khaki pants and once he was at an LSU football game in the pouring rain, so I guess you could see the bright paint through them. The people behind him told them they loved him too, since his underwear read, "I love you Daddy." I'm laughing right now...

Other things he endured/endures:
Dance recitals, glittery horse show outfits, his recliner covered in off white and pink rose pattern, sleeping on vintage sheets with ruffles every night, living in a house with pink walls (so serious- the living room is pink), being forced to always, always, always put the toilet seat down, sit down dinners with the good china for no reason, his bathroom full of chabby chic antiques...

I wish I'd thought to bring some baby pics to scan. But here's a few of my recent Daddy faves:

Fishing (in "Big Church") on a Sunday morning

The morning he was so incredibly proud that I talked my way out of a $500 fine with the Wildlife Official from my 1/4 inch too short fish because of my LSU t-shirt.

Spam Hat

Death Valley t-shirt

The parents!

One of our many Margarita dates

Playing with me at the NAS Museum

Daddy's Girls (literally, my Mama calls him "Daddy"  quite often)

And he gets an extra HUGE tribute this Father's Day for SAVING VAN!! Yesterday he spent his afternoon off at home with her instead of relaxing so he could feed her tiny meals every half hour. 
We're pretty sure she's on the up-and-up these days. She's got a long way to go, but the prognosis seems good.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rain, Rain.... Don't Go Away!!

I love the rain! It's raining outside of my window right now. I'm looking at my view up Palafox Street and it looks softer in the rain.

Don't get me wrong, I love the sunshine too! And I would never be able to stand endless rain. But still, there is something beautiful and soothing about rainy days. I always want to curl up and listen to the sound of the drops with a good book or a nap. And if there's no lightening- I want to play! Katie and I used to go horseback riding in the rain during the summers and rip around the pasture soaking wet. When we were really little, my Daddy would drag an old mattress and blankets onto the front porch of our house in Louisiana and we would watch the storms pass. Or in safe rains, Mama would let us run around in the yard and wash our hair in the runoff from the gutters.

Rainy day view from my office window

Storm blowing in over the Grand Canyon (one of my all time favorite places)

Did I forget to mention that I also love the mud that rain creates???

What about you- rain or no?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fairy Princess

It's my cute little fairy princess Mama's birthday today! Here is my effort at making her into a princess using Sarah's fun website.

Isn't she the cutest? She's been an amazing mother and friend to both of my sisters and I. She was always waiting for us when we got off of the bus with a tea party set up, we always played BEFORE homework, and she was always playing cute little fairy games. Toys in our rooms would be turned over, candy would be sprinkled around, and on all St. Patrick's Days green glitter would be here and there along with Junior Mints.

I had a fairytale childhood… and I mean that quite literally, a childhood full of tales of fairies. When I was about four, and my sisters were three and one and a half (We were all born within three and a half years. We can discuss my parents’ fertility later.), we lived in a very old house in Abbeville, Louisiana. Mama was trying to get all three of us to take a nap at once, not a simple feat. There was a big vine growing in the bedroom window, and Mama told us the story of the Fairy Vine. This was a magical vine, a vine where the fairies played Chutes and Ladders, or something of the sort. It was also a vine by which fairies granted the wishes of little girls while they napped. We were enthralled, naturally. Little girls are easily enthralled, and we had the most enthralling of mothers! We made wishes, apparently for beautiful jammies. And they appeared. Mine were blue. Beautiful silky jammies with lace. 

I can follow your thoughts here. I’ve had them too- in one of my lapses in judgment when I thought everything could be explained. She prompted our wishes, she ran to the store while we napped… something. First, let me tell you plainly that my Mama never prompted any of our thoughts. She loved our thoughts too much, she lived for them. She, both of my parents actually, were always very careful to allow us our own thoughts, our own dreams, our independence. You’ll have to take my word for it, but she never prompted our thoughts. And if she HAD prompted our thoughts, they would have involved glitter anyhow. Second, you likely haven’t lived in Abbeville, Louisiana. It doesn’t, or didn’t when we lived there, have stores that sell silk, frilly pajamas for little girls. And even if they had, it would have been blocks from our home and Mama would never have left us alone. Aside from having the foresight to believe in fairies, she was also a very good mother. 

So after our naps, when we woke up, there were our beautiful new jammies at the bottom of the bed. Just waiting for us. And we were ecstatic. I wish I remembered what we did when Daddy got home! I can only imagine how we relayed our story to him. 

And that was how all of our childhood was- full of fun and games and playing and fairytales. On rainy days, Mama put on her roller skates and roller-skated us, in turns, up and down the halls. On sunny days our dollar store swimming pool was filled with the shipping peanuts that came in my Daddy’s huge boxes of veterinary medical shipments and we “swam” in them in the front yard. 

She deserves a world of credit for the things she's sacrificed, the hour plus round trip car pools she's driven, and the one and only day she "grounded" me and took me shopping.


Monday, June 14, 2010

An Oily Weekend :(

So, if you read my post from Friday you know that I have much love for Perdido Key and it's beaches. I was ecstatic to find the beach and water beautiful on Saturday at 11 when I arrived. It was a gorgeous, if slightly hot, day. 
This is a cute little sand crab friend I made (can you see him? Middle of the pic, just above the sea weed)

I am apparently guilty of wishful thinking, because I left the beach at 12:30 (it was too hot!) feeling uplifted that we might be OK despite the ships less than 10 miles off shore skimming and the helos constantly flying over and the 100 plus clean up workers waiting on the patios...

Three hours later (3:30) Daddy and I headed out for a walk and found this:
Every wave that came in was washing up hundreds of globs of oil. It was so disgusting. The waves usually wash up sea shells!

Worst part: This is just the beginning. :( It's nothing compared to what's coming.

BP clean up crew literally sweeping up the oil balls (tar balls) and putting them into garbage bags. There's simply no way they can keep up with the rate it's coming in. Plus, Daddy went out into the boat Sunday morning and actual oil sheens are now in the Inter-coastal Canal and Pensacola Bay. And yes- there was, in fact, some moron there fishing. As if you can eat that- what part of "Fishing Ban" did he not understand?

Tar on my foot. Daddy and I both left the beach near to tears.

I also had this going on:
A still very sick Van Geaux who apparently has a very damaged stomach lining or something lodged in her stomach/intestines. I drank a lot of wine on Saturday, I can tell you.

On the bright side- my remedy for bad moods also involves cooking, and I made this sweet little dish that I stole from Kendall's website crush, The Kitchen Sink.
Oven roasted tomatoes. Except, in my normal rebellious way, I didn't exactly follow the recipe. And I think it came out better. You're supposed to roast the tomatoes, then mix in the onions and basil. WRONG! Why not roast the onions and basil to release their flavors?? It was SO delish! We ate it alone and over steak. I think it would be awesome over bread too- or anything. On Sunday I roasted some extra veggies we had around and added it to it. Roasting vegetables is my official new obsession.

How I did it:
Put cherry or plum tomatoes, fresh basil (chopped) and red onion in an oven safe dish and toss with olive oil
Roast in a 450 degree oven for 25 minutes or until tomatoes start to burst
Remove from oven, top with balsamic vinegar and let set about an hour 
Add fresh grated mozzarella cheese, a little salt and pepper

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