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Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Book Review

Since I am an avid reader that feels insecure if I don't have a book with me at nearly every moment- I decided to start doing a book review post. Because, really, I like talking about books. So it's selfish.

In addition, I took a recent book rec from Kendall and read one of the best books I have ever come across. So maybe this will help you find a great read. And if you have comments, dislike my take on the book, or want to recommended something for me to read- bring it on!

A Little Bit Wicked

I have actually been wanting to read A Little Bit Wicked for a while now, just because the cover pic of the author was so cute (what? This is how I buy wine too, OK?) and because my friend Shannon is a stage actress, so I was kinda fascinated by the lifestyle. About two weeks ago I found it on the bargain table at Books-a-Million for $6 (no clue why) and grabbed it.I was nearly half way through it the first time I put it down, and would have finished it immediately if I hadn't had to be at work early on Friday. I am almost finished, but not quite. So I probably shouldn't write a review. But this is my blog- so whatever.

The book is an autobiography of, and by, Kristin Chenoweth, a Broadway actress from Oklahoma that has also made it to the TV screen. She writes in a fully honest, and even self defecating at times, style. She's open about her adoption, life, emotions, assets, strengths, AND faults.

But what I think struck me the most was her openness about her Christianity and how it guides and effects her career and life. It's beautiful to read about a strong Christian working up the entertainment ladder and remaining truly human while relateable in her faith.

Kristin is also remarkable hilarious with her Southernisms, which I find completely endearing.

One of my favorite excerpts thus far:
(In conversation with a particularly irritable and evil flight attendant -aka- Turtle Lips):
Kristin: Your name, please
Turtle Lips: Why?
Kristin: I'd like to pray for you
Turtle Lips: I don't need your prayers
Kristin: Oh, honey, we all need prayers. And I am fixin' to talk to God about you specifically.

Though many of the stage-references go straight over my head- I am captivated by honestly told stories of rescuing a ballet as a bunny, grappling with loss, cohabiting with co-actors, failure, pageants, coming to terms with a gay bff, and family. The book is beautifully written, honest, and funny.

I highly recommended- read up!!!

On the other hand- I recently tried reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog- which was on the NYT best seller list for over a year. I just could not get into it. I hated it. I put it down. Something about a nine year old kid that thinks she's such a genius she needs to commit suicide and a miserable concierge just didn't resonate with me.

Should I keep reading? Did I miss the point? Guide me here.

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  1. ooo i want to borrow after you finish!


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