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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All His Boys are Girls

I was listening to a sermon (Church of the Highlands, my fave) on my iPod this morning on the way to work. The speaker was talking about his kids and the types of gifts they asked for and he made the comment, "All my boys are girls," because he has all daughters and just loves it. I thought that comment was pretty cute, and it hit home for me because I have two sisters and no brothers. My Daddy loves having girls and he's never regretted not having a son.

He was absolutely the GREATEST Daddy for girls. He drove us absolutely crazy teaching us to be confidant, stand on our own two feet, and to have the complete ability to care for ourselves. And I think we are able to have those traits because we always know we have him if we need anything.

He taught us to throw a football (Amanda's the only one that's good at this), play softball (I'm not sure any of us were good at this), and shoot hoops (all of us, including him, stunk at this). He drove Katie, Sally, me and the horses to horse shows, dressed up as "Joe Cool" to escort Amanda and a friend to a dance, dropped us all of at college, attended every single game I played in or cheered at (and I was always the absolute worst- see my cheer leading post), went on field trips, brought puppies and kittens to our classes for show and tell (he's a Veterinarian), took us fishing; all of it. He even played Barbies and watched Cinderella every day with Amanda when Katie and I were too old to hang out with her. 

This is just a little tribute post because I love my Daddy! And I am grateful to him, because I think that great fathers create strong, healthy daughters. 

How cute is he???
PS- totally made the collage frame pink on purpose. When we were little everything was pink, as you can imagine. He decided one day that his favorite color was pink after hollering, "Pink, pink, PINK! All I see is pink!" To this day- he will tell you pink is his favorite color. Which is a good thing because me lives in my Mama's house and the walls are pink (no joke). 


  1. hehe. i have two sisters as well. my dad says the same..he says "who needs boys! i have my girls." i think that's sweet.

  2. love papa ham! he is the best!!! but yes, definitely outnumbered :)

  3. My dad and brother are outnumbered too (:

    i love that you made the frame pink!!

    annnnd if you get a chance i think you'd LOVE my pastor. bayside church. he's from Louisiana and an LSU tiger. He starts most sermons off with a thibetoux or boudreox joke (i just butchered there spelling)

    here's the link :

  4. This made me cry Ashley. I love your Daddy too and I agree that you girls have the best Daddy in the world....only one reason yall are the most beautiful girls, inside and out.


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