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Friday, January 21, 2011

Goodbye, 1801 North Baylen!

AC and I reached a milestone in our relationship last night; we have officially made it through a house!
Really, it was she and The Hubbs that made it through a house. But since I knew her when she moved into 1801 North Baylen and now have witnessed the move out of the same address... I feel like we've made it! I don't know where it is we "made it" to, but whatever.

I picked my sweet BFF up after work and we headed to the 1801 chalet to meet up with The Hubbs. After he recovered from my LSU t-shirt rubbing his Aggie face in their Cotton Bowl loss, we loaded the autos with furniture for storage and went on a cleaning binge. Five and a half hours, three pizzas, two bottles of wine, multiple beers, Mama J, Daddy Jams, the Sister-in-Law, two trips to the storage unit, and the near sacrifice of a vacuum cleaner to screws hidden in the carpet... Ash and Shep locked up their house for the (almost) last time. 

Fave Moments:
Daddy Jams filling a hole in the wall with a beer cap and puttying over it.
Daddy Jams using a birth control prescription lid as a putty knife
Mama J uttering the words, "Let's get drunk!"

Goodbye 1801 North Baylen! It's been fun and we loved you.


  1. HAHA Oh my gosh I absolutely LOVE this post!!! Such a great memory!!! Thanks for everything my AshHam! I love you!

  2. i'm obsessed with that FAMILY!!! I'm visiting soon. (:


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