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Monday, January 30, 2012

This is How You Know

Niki and I comment regularly on how people just don't GET it. It seems like there are very few other women out there who have as great of a friend as we have in each other (or at least I have in her). I hear people call someone their "best friend" and then tell stories that make me put my head in my hands... people, she just may not be your best friend!

At least once a day I make a comment along the lines of, "You know it's your best friend when..." So I have compiled this list for all of you to reference. If these aren't true, you need a new best friend.

You know she's your best friend when...

... You move into your new apartment sight unseen because she picked it out. You have no qualms about this.
... If you don't talk to her for two days, you're pretty sure it's really been two weeks. Also, you both start telling each other stories you already know because of this, some of which you were actually present for. I think this may be called separation anxiety.
... You do each others grocery shopping.
... You don't even like babies until she gets pregnant. You are instantly obsessed and begin purchasing all the Auntie paraphernalia you can find.
... People automatically assume you're lovers, not just friends, because of the way your lives are so intertwined.
... You steal a banana from her house only to drive it around all day in your car and return it to her house.
... When her husband proposes to her he informs you not to worry, he knows you are a package deal.
... Your other friends assume you actually live with her and her family.
... When she's tired of telling her kids the same thing over and over, you automatically pick up the line so she can have a break.
... She lets you put her kids in time out.
... She lets you steal her children when you want to and has no problems with you pretending they are your own.
... Your dog isn't even sure if you live at her house or in your apartment.
... When your GPS breaks, she drives you into Houston because she knows you'll never make it by yourself.
... She is absolutely and completely opposed to mud, but she lets you create it in her back yard anyway.
... She holds your hand in church.
... You voluntarily change her children's poopy diaper. (This may also signify insanity)
... You have been together all day, but when separated you pick up the phone, call, and have a 41 minute conversation.
... "I talked to my mom," is all the explanation she needs in multiple situations.
... Her kids assume you are their third parent.
... You are really and truly obsessed with her, as she is with you.
... She knows what you are about to do in any given situation and stops you or urges you on before you begin doing anything.
... You have never, in 11 years, once complained about her to anyone (seriously).

There are hundreds more. I'll start keeping a running list for you. But really, I know what a best friend is and not many people really have one. So if you need to know whether to keep looking, just ask.

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