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Monday, January 9, 2012

So, Maybe I'm Back...

I fell off of the blog wagon. I know; it's true. Here's what happened: I started living my life and got so caught up in enjoying it that I stopped taking the time to write about it! And let's be honest, who really reads this? It's not a blog about fashion or pop culture or weddings- so who cares? Well, I just decided that I did again.

Here is who inspired me:

Her name is Melanie Notkin, and she is the original Savvy Auntie. She realized that there is more in children's lives than just a mom, dad and grandparents. There are others that adore these children, interact with them, and mold their daily lives. Aunties unite!! But what really inspired me to blog again was an article she published in the Huffington Post about how women are defined by marriage and children. It's true; even now in good ole modern 2012. Now, I want marriage and children. Believe me- if someone will just point out where all the sexy, Christian, land-owning cowboys are I will go find me one! But until then, I am making another life for myself. Because I'm not just going to sit around pining for what I don't have when I can live in what I do have. And hear me right- I love my life! 

That being said, I do live quite the different life from most Southern women my age (and even from most Yankee women, I think). I have very few friends who aren't married with kids. Very, very few. And seeing as my best friends are all married, two with kids, and I don't plan on ceasing our friendships because we now have different lives- my life begins to form around those children too. Thus creates Auntie! And I love this Auntie person I have become. She's cool and fun and relaxed and settled! She has found a role she loves, and she's happy in it. But she is also lonely and sad at times. And she struggles to find a balance with being single surrounded by married, parental friends. 

So as I prepare to enter my 30s (in May!) as an unmarried, not even dating, childless Auntie... I think I'll blog about it! And maybe you'll even find it interesting now and again... 

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