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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Get Up and Go -aka- Kill the Funk

Sometimes, you just have to make yourself get up and go do something. Do you know what I mean? I was in a funk the majority of last week for no apparent reason. I mean, there were a few little reasons. But nothing really work funkiness. This happens to everyone sometimes- but when you're single and solo it's different. Maybe not harder, but certainly different. Because you don't have your kids or a husband to distract you and pull you out of it. And you can go and have a great time, but you end up going home by yourself (or in my case, with a fuzzy Golden Retriever who just so happened to be in a funk of her own. Go figure.).

After a week of funkiness, Saturday rolled around. It was BEAUTIFUL outside. A real Southern winter day with a high of 70, blue skies, and the slightest breeze. Perfection. But me, I was in a funk. I wanted to go somewhere, but I really didn't want to leave the apartment. But it was seriously the kind of beautiful out where I'm certain it's a sin if you don't enjoy it. So I threw on my jeans and boots (and a hat, because I was to funky to shower) and headed for the farm. Not my farm (part of said funk was due to a lack of my own, personal farm)- but a farm all the same. And guess what? It rocked!!

I hung out with my new friend Sally, chatted about the ups and downs of dating and also the fears the possibility of online dating, rode a horse, bathed a sheep (because what girl shouldn't bathe a sheep once in her life?) and ... wait for it... saw a new born calf! And not just saw it, but helped it stand for the first time. Truly and utterly miraculous. **Sorry for the fuzzy picture, but I was a bit unprepared for the miracle of life that day.

Now I am sorry, but I count anyone who sees a baby born and watches its innate responses and urges (in this case to stand after just minutes on earth and to nurse) and still doesn't believe in God as an idiot. And there is nothing like watching that miracle, and being a teeny part of it, to set you right. If God can send this little calf out into the world and equip it with the means to function then surely He can handle me.

So thanks to the calves of the world, and here's to getting up and going even when you really don't want to. Because there are sheep, horses and cows waiting!

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