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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Week with My Lover

Shannon and I met almost five years ago at work. Well, technically we met eight or so years ago but I was scared to death of her because she is the dominatrix of the editing world. Seriously. She scared the crap out of me. I remember thinking: I will NEVER be as in control and on target as she is. And then, turns out I learned to be. So we decided to be friends and then we both discovered that we really weren't bitchy career women (at least not all the time). We had work personas and real personas. Both of our personas worked well with each other's. So there you go.

S is pretty much the exact opposite of me, except when it comes to our love of our dogs (Our friendship really clicked when, after knowing me for 3 weeks, she informed me that she couldn't go on her honeymoon if I didn't keep her dog). A few examples:

  • S is a vegetarian and I am a true carnivore
  • S doesn't drink and I am a total wine-o
  • S doesn't consume any caffeine... like, at all! Obviously, I live on it.
  • S always had a plan and a mission. I pretty much go with the flow
  • S is very, very driven and I'm fairly lazy
  • S is extremely artistic and musically inclined.
  • S is a true Northerner and I am Southern to the core
  • S hates football. This was almost a parting-of-ways point for us.
So you can see, we're really not alike at all. And yet- here we are... five-ish years later and we're in love (thus the "lover" in the blog title). S pushes me out of my box, she gets me to try new things and go new places. She's almost exotic to me is a really cool, relateable way. I feel like I learn something new every time I'm with her. And she is always the call I make when I need to be "analyzed" or can't think of the word I want to use. 

Today I head off to spend a week- a WHOLE WEEK- with S. First we're going to Cape Cod for four days then back to her house near Boston to hang with her hubby and the kids. I haven't seen my adorable niece in so long or met my new nephew. 

Our girl trip to Apalachicola, FL

York Harbor, Maine 

You won't hear from me for a while (tragic, I know) because I'll be playing! Here's to friends that sweep into your life quickly, stay forever, and change everything!

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