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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Perdido Key a.k.a 4th of July - Take 2

I grew up in Perdido Key, Florida. You probably have no idea where that is, but that's OK because that's how us locals like it. Perdido is a little barrier island just west of Pensacola and the community immediately surrounding it on the land side. We moved there when I was six and have lived there since. When I was really young we lived just across the street from the beach. Literally, the waves put us to sleep at night. After we moved away Katie and I couldn't go to sleep because we couldn't hear the waves. 

In middle and high school I hated living out there because it was so far from everything! My school was 45 minutes away, the farm was 25, the mall 30... you get the picture. Basically, my parents spent a ton of money on gas. But now that I'm older I adore it again. It's where we all went for Spring Break in college and where we still run away to whenever possible.

One of the greatest things about Perdido, and specifically where my parents live now (on a different inland island), is that it's a perfect mix of wooded area, the beach and water. You can always find water.

A few pics from my 4th of July weekend home
Sunrise over Perdido Key (from my Daddy's boat)

The little inlet off the Intercoastal Canal where Daddy docks his boat. 

Me kicking a fish's ass!

Amanda and Daddy

Blue Heron looking for its morning catch (we had one that lived in our back yard when I was a kid we names Gracie. Every Blue Heron is now Gracie to me.)

Luke (sister's boyfriend) and I. We out-fished everyone that morning. He caught the biggest, I caught the most.

The beach! This is where we grew up! My Daddy actually laid out the plans for his clinic in drift wood on this beach.

Amanda swimming

As you've probably realized by now- my family loves our dogs! Amanda flew her 2 chihuahuas in with her for the weekend, Mama's Pixie was there and Katie broughy June Bug over. Van couldn't fly with me- it was very depressing. 

The Chihuahuas sun bathing (white = Maggie, Black = Ava Gardner, Brown = Pixie Dust)

June Bug and Pixie shacking up

My Paw Paw posing with June

Miss Magnolia (Maggie)

Pixie Dust napping with me.

I should have taken more family pics, I'm sorry! But we were having so much fun I'd forget and then my camera died. Thankfully, Luke was smart enough to snap one of the girls beaching it.
Katie, Ashley, Mommy, Amanda


  1. looks like a great trip! i wish i still lived near the beach - i miss it soo much. xo

  2. i want to play on the beach!!!

  3. Looks like such a fab place to grow up. Its my dream to live in Florida!


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