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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Rest of Cape Cod

I just realized I haven't posted the remaining Cape Cod/Boston pictures! Oops. I was just telling Sarah that I've been home only a week and already it seems like the trip was a dream. Oh, to have stayed!! 

Yarmouthport, MA

Can you believe the views??

Jessie, Heather, Ashley, Helen, Shannon
On Saturday we drove up to P-Town (Provence Town), which just happens to be the gay and lesbian capital of the Cape. No one was quite sure what to expect, but the truth was that we had a ball, ate a lot, saw some sites (and I do mean sites), and took in a show.

Let me just tell you about my top... gay men LOVE sparkles!

Helen is a City Girl- thus a small crab fascinated her. I think they only have those on plates in NYC

Sarah, if you'd like to steal this shot for your travel photography feel free :)

I love myself for this awesome photo!
Another beautiful church. This one happens to be where we saw a drag show. Uh huh, that's right!

Funny story: We happened to arrive in P-Town during the "Bear Festival." In case you don't know what this is (only one of us knew), a Bear is a large, hairy gay man. So... fun stuff!

S on stage in drag show = priceless!

Dragster's bike. We saw him riding this in heels and immediately decided to see his show.

After Cape Cod it was back to S and Chip's in Boston to meet my new nephew and play with Aurora Lane.

Escher Davin Cothran

Aurora and I in Waldon Pond- you know, the one the poem is about...
Aurora Lane, Ashley Lane and Escher

Best looking jazz pianist on the planet!
And THIS, ladies and gentleman, is how I was greeted by my nephew at the airport when I got home.
Glitter = how you know you're loved! 


  1. Adorable. Those first photos of the sky are incredible! Love that sparkle top and LOVE your most precious greeter in the airport :)

  2. The cape is soooo dreamy! Thanks for sharing these gorg pictures ash ham!


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