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Monday, May 23, 2011

Twenty Nine

Eekers- I am almost 29! Oh my gosh, that's only 1 little year from 30! On Thursday I will be 29 - 20 plus 9. I'm not really scared of 29- but it does seem like a lot!

It especially feels like a lot for just starting your life. I am about to be 29 and I have only been in my new life- the life I actually chose- for three months. Niki and I planned this life when were were about 21. I am 29 and I just made it. Took me long enough!

Shouldn't I be married? Shouldn't I have my own kids instead of just mooching of of my BFF? (Although I will never give up my Nate and Lorelei!!) Shouldn't I be in a house instead of a 1 bedroom apartment? (Oh, that's right. I bought a house and moved away from it...) I've been working hard at my career for seven years, why am I still counting my pennies? I find it pretty difficult to embrace myself the way I am. You'd think moving to the place you've been trying to get to for 2 years would satisfy you. Not if you're me. I still think I should be doing more.

Why on earth can't I just leave myself alone and coast? I think that should be my goal for 29. Just relax, enjoy my cute apartment and best friend and peaceful life. Spend a little time adoring that Lorelei claps every time I come in the door and Nathan calls me when I am at my own apartment and tells me to "come home," (back to his house.) I want to just breathe and enjoy AC and Amanda buying homes and moving in and decorating. I want to watch Kae step back into the horse world and thrive.

I think I'll take a chill pill for my birthday! After all, I'm pretty cool the way I am.

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  1. ONLY 4 MORE DAYS! WOO WOO!!! You better not have peaked at your present!!!! ;)


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