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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rediscovering the Library

Madisonville, Louisiana Library

I have always loved libraries. Every time I visited my Granny as a kid, she would take me to the library and let me spend hours among the shelves. And Mama always took us to the library as kids- and the Book Mobile! We all three would screech when we saw it parked in the lot across from Daddy's clinic.

As I got a little older and was a social outcast at school, I would retreat to the library at lunch and read rather than sitting alone. And in college I would sit in the library and read between classes when it was hot or cold out.
I think I would explode from joy in a library like this!!
I love libraries. But I fell off the band wagon after college. With good reason- I tried the Pensacola library a few times over the years, but it had become the hangout of the homeless. Which would be fine if they sat and read, but they follow you through the stacks and it's just creepy. So I went solely with book stores. And I just adore those too! But it can get expensive. Especially if you're me.

When I noticed a library branch a few blocks from my office last week, I decided to scope it out. Turns out it's a beautifully clean library that's scary homeless-man free! Today I got my library card. What is it about library cards that are so wonderful??

I spent my lunch break just browsing. I love the smell and feel of books. There's something wonderful about the weight of a book, the way it feels in your hands. I like to look at the covers, read the backs and the reviews. I just like to hold them. Books are like baby dolls to me- wonderful and comforting and safe.

I see myself reverting back to middle and high school... if you need me during lunch I'll be in the library!

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  1. I love it AshHam! So glad they are homeless man free!!! LO(L


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