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Monday, May 9, 2011

Kentucky Derby + Bucket List #1

Saturday was the Kentucky Derby!

Is there anything more beautiful than a horse in a full run and enjoying it? It gives me butterflies of excitement and makes me want to cry at the same time every year when I watch this race. I'm not a year-long follower of racing, I admit. I think I would like to be, but as of now I am not. I catch Derby fever every May, though, and it rolls into Triple Crown fever fairly quickly.

When I was a kid I read a series of horse books about Thoroughbred racing and I was addicted. I would ride Little Man around bareback at a canter/gallop to get the feeling of it. I was somewhat of a wuss and would have made a crappy jockey because I rarely hit a full on run. But a girl can dream. 

I sit and watch all 2 hours of pre coverage and just swoon. The animals are so incredibly beautiful and in top form. They are athletes at their very best. When the race is underway I start at the edge of my seat and end up jumping around the living room by the backstretch. Total nerd. 

I am dead to attend in person one day and smell the track smells while I watch! I adore the smell of horseflesh and horse sweat. 

My very own half-Thoroughbred, Eternal Little Man via Eternal Son who ran in the Derby!

Bucket List #1
I tried the Frozen Mint Margaritas for the derby as I am not a huge fan of Mint Juleps. They were very good, but a few words to the wise:
- Use at least half the amount of sugar recommended. Too sweet!
- Add about another half cup of mint leaves and make sure you tear them before putting them in the pot.
- Make ahead! I had no idea they had to freeze for 2 hours. I thought I'd be firing up the blender. I barely made the race. 

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  1. I love that photos of you and Little Man!


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