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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I have never been to Italy, but I'm dying to. I shipped a shipment to Italy this morning and I wanted to crawl in the box and go too!

These two women have made me obsessed with Italy:
Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun. You are inhuman if you don't adore this movie and it's message. And, by the way, the book really isn't good. (Probably the only time you'll hear me say that!)

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love. Book is much better than the movie (you will hear me say this a lot)

Honestly- how can you not romanticize about Italy? It's historic, it's beautiful, it has pasta and wine! I could just live there and get fat and be happily tipsy forever.

But really, what I love is what both these books/movies portray about Italy- that life is slower, less serious, and enjoyed more. Why do we rush around so much trying to be perfect and get everything done in America? What up? It seems that in Italy people relax and embrace life more. They eat to enjoy and savor flavors, not to nourish themselves so they can keep running. They drink to relish in the grapes and socialize, not to forget the day. I am confidant that people in Italy have problems too. I just think they are much more tolerable than here because they don't care as much about their troubles. Or at least I choose to believe that.

And then there is this that makes me love Italy. GRACIOUS! 

Italian men. Oh, yummy! That's Raoul Bova from Under the Tuscan Sun. I mean seriously- I would give up every single thing and run away with him right now. I am actually drooling. 

So... who wants to send me to Italy for my birthday? Or just buy me a life-size poster of Raoul Bova. 


  1. I loved Italy when I went a couple of years ago...everything is so OLD and detailed and beautiful. Plus fresh pasta and cheap wine <3 and bakeries!! And Venice! And for sure, some people seemed to be enjoying a slower, more savory lifestyle, but in every city we visited there were also crowds of people in suits walking top speed and shouting into their cell phones.

  2. i could SO see you living in italy!

  3. me too!! i spent a glorious week in rome one time and am itching to get back. if you figure out a way, do pass it on.

  4. come to italy!!! dooooo it (:

  5. I love the movie 'under the tuscan sun'. I mean I live by this phrase by Federico Fellini 'One must live spherically- in many directions. never loose your childish enthusiasm and things will come your way'.


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