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Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Book Review

You all seem to hate this weekly post, but I don't really care because I love doing it. And this is my blog!

Three Cups of Tea

I read this book at the recontamination of my sister (Amanda this time) and it was just amazing. Three Cups of Tea the story of Greg Mortenson and how he accidentally falls into the business of building schools in Pakistan. I won't give away how that transpires, because it's part of the draw of the book. However, I will tell you that Mortenson is so enthralled and involved in the building of schools that you can not help but get caught up in his narrative of the story.

Aside from that, I found the book extremely educational as to the situation in Pakistan and how the Pakistanis view the world's involvement in their affairs. I have a fairly open and often changing opinion of our involvement in the Middle East- in this case Pakistan. I grasp that there is huge significance to the Pakistan/Israel conflicts from both Biblical and US Foreign Policy fronts. But I have a difficult time defining my exact emotions on the topics. This book gives a very clear, easily understood insight that will benefit you even if you are, like me, unsure about your stance. At any rate, I believe it's vital that we (the world) attempt to understand other cultures rather than just "fix" them.

The stories of the individuals in the book and their true excitement of the basic educations we take for granted is moving.

Stones Into Schools

This is a follow-up books Mortenson wrote to Three Cups of Tea and is also a great read. Two huge points that I took away from the book were that the US Government uses Mortenson's knowledge- so I believe it ratifies the validity of the book.

The second point I take away- and the one with the most impact for me- is Mortenson's assertion that the only way to truly get a handle on terrorism and Jihad is to educate the women of th Muslin countries. I'll let you read his explanation and decide for yourself. but I found the statement very impactful.

Happy reading!

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