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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Big Change

Alright everyone... it's finally happened! I'm moving to Texas.

How exciting is that? It's over 2 years in the making. Niki and I had this life plan in college where we would live in the same town and have families together. Obviously we got off track for a while there. But seeing as we have remained "Roommates" (BFF) we stuck to our dream. And since she has the kids, and I never intended to settle in P-cola in the first place, I am the one getting to move.

Although, in all fairness to her, she's doing a lot of the work for me.And she's been putting me up for a year during interview trips and giving me her car. And she drove me around for 4 hours last weekend apartment searching. In the end I got totally overwhelmed and quit and she totally found my new apartment and booked it!

So I have turned in my notice to the DIB, driven AC, Roommate, S, and my poor little Mommy insane with my panic attacks, and started packing. Kind of.

Truth be told, I am scared out of my mind. Really, truly scared. It's overshadowing the excitement. I am packing up a safe, sound (and fairly lucrative) life and moving it to the land of uncertainty. But guess what- I don't like this safe little life!! So off I go.

PLEASE feel free to provide moving tips of any type!

PS- I will not be becoming a true Texan any time soon. I am a Louisiana girl at heart and a Florida beach bum second.


  1. Congratulations!! So exciting ash ham - you'll love it!!

  2. Congrats, A-Ham. I hope that all goes well for you in Texas.

  3. i am so flipping excited for you! you will do great! finally with nikki and away from 'you know who'! I LOVE YOU!


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