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Monday, February 14, 2011

Little Brown Noser

I got a Hedgehog this weekend!

I know, I know. What am I doing acquiring a new pet when I am moving and starting over? I agree with you. I really do. In fact, I turned the little thing down the first time. But then I thought about her and how cute her little nose was (thus the name "Little Brown Noser") and I decided to forget about being smart and adopt her!

I only have one picture of her so far because she's feeling a little traumatized. Coincidence: so am I. So we can bond over it. But she's been living with just Michael in his nice, safe apartment. And now she's on the farm with lots of smells and animals. And she's relocating to Texas. She did cuddle with me a bit last night and did a little exploring.

Hedgehog facts:
- Little Brown Noser is an African Pygmy Hedgehog and should only weigh up to 1 1/4 pounds. She's a bit fat right now, but we'll work on that.
- Hedgehogs love to play and be active. They need toys and a wheel for exercise and space to run around. Little Brownie will be taking nightly excursions around the new apartment (yes, Van is fine with her)
- Domesticated hedgehogs survive mostly on good quality cat food. But they also like treats of veggies, some meats and bugs. Little Brown Noser will be getting all of these because I am a pet spoiler.
- Hedgehogs don't smell. And as long as you clean their litter boxes they aren't very messy.
- They're covered in little quills- but they don't shoot them out like porcupines. In fact, they aren't even related to porcupines. Their quills can be a little prickly when they're scared. But mostly they are no bother. And their little tummies are very soft.
- They are mostly nocturnal, although they will wake up some during the day. I found this out the hard way when I tried to wake Little Brown Noser for a Valentine's Day photo op this morning. Oops!

OK, I am studying up- so I will regale you with more facts later.


  1. SHE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! :) Happy V-day to you and LBN!


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