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Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Kick-off in Covington

Pics from the weekend trip to Covington!

Pixie in the Driver's Seat

the always-present wine in the glove box of Mama's car

Boutineer I made for Paw Paw to wear in his concert 

Getting ready

Pointing out his favorite granddaughter! Hehehehe

This lady is adorable, but I really wanted to know what she had in her clear glass bottle with a cork... this is a Louisiana retirement home, folks. One never knows!

Festive red and green walkers... HA!!

The Christwood Singers

Paw Paw and his girls. How cute is he??

Amount of luggage needed for a one night stay in the retirement home

Day 2: lunch with Aunt Karen!

Lunch's main course ;)

Then TONS of shopping which I was too busy to take pictures during, a stop at one of Mama's best high school friend's houses and a GREAT mother-daughter dinner

Go cup they gave Mama for her wine after our dinner. Gotta love Louisiana!! The straw is really key for a $12 glass of wine ;)

Pixie refusing to be left behind

Pixie's preferred seat on the way home was looking out the window

My favorite conversation of the weekend:

Paw Paw: complaining about his money and having to pay for dinner when he, Uncle Tom and Aunt Karen went out a few nights before (my grandfather has nearly a million dollars in Exxon stock)
Me: Paw Paw, why are you worried about that? You have plenty of money to go out to eat sometimes.
Paw Paw: No, no. I consider that ya'lls money. I just have it for now, but I made it for all of you (awww, so sweet)
Me: Oh, well, I don't mind of you use it for dinner sometimes!

a little while later

Paw Paw: teasing/fussing about giving us all money for Christmas
Me: Paw Paw, I thought you said it was our money. You're just giving us what's ours!
Paw Paw: Yeah, but right now I like to count it every day.

Mama and I bought him an automatic-counting bank for Christmas to save him some time counting his money every day (which he probably does)

Hope your start to the last week before Christmas was a great as mine!

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  1. Love the pics AshHam! it looks like you had so much fun!


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