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Monday, December 13, 2010

Searching for God Knows What

I just finished reading Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller, who is also the author of Blue Like Jazz. It was quite a remarkable book. Both are, actually. Miller is a life-long Christian who was a bit mislead and disillusioned for a while in his late teens and "denounced" God. He lives, works and ministers in Portland, Oregon- a notoriously liberal society much different from the Bible Belt that I am used to. The experiences, friends, and faith that he has in that environment offers a drastically different view of God and faith than we are used to. And it is one, I would argue, that is quite vital. I find him giving voice to many beliefs I hold about faith that are smothered and shunned in the deep South.

The narrative of Searching for God Knows What revolves around the idea Miller presents as the "lifeboat mentality" that humans have. He claims that this is the drive we have to make ourselves look better than others in an effort to save ourselves, much like if a group of people were stuck too long in a lifeboat and had to decide which person to sacrifice. One of his strongest declarations involves society's shunning and "war" on gays. He states that our treatment of them, basically making the statement that their lifestyle will cause them to lose their family, friends, lovers and God, is declaring war on them rather than loving them. I nearly applauded in my bed the night I read that chapter and I reread it two nights in a row.

The entire book is not a rant against Christian society, though. It is more of a compilation of funny, random observations and thoughts that shed an incredible new light on the way Christians should act and love and live.


  1. i love that book too. just an all around don miler fan (:

    very true about loving them instead of society shunning.


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