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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Story of Niki and Ashley

I just got home from visiting my best friend in Texas for a long weekend. It's the worst thing in the world to leave your best friend when your life really needs her to be with you. I swear, sometimes I wonder if the girl was meant to be my soul mate and I get her instead of a husband.

We met during sorority rush at LSU, and we basically HAD to be friends because we were like that game you play when you're a kid - Which one of these is not like the other one? There were girls dressed to the nines everywhere, all in the latest fashions. Come to find out, rush at LSU is a huge deal and also a fashion show. We were not informed. I was this cute little beach girl in a sun dress and flip plops and Niki was in a red dress with white polka dots, a huge bow and some major, major ringlets going on in her hair. We didn't just not fit in, we stood out. Thankfully, someone has the presence of mind to put us in the same rush group, and right next to one another. It was an instant bond, and it lasted. We went to theme parties dressed alike, spent Spring Breaks together, watched and memorized Eddie Izzard, survived crazy roommates (hers sued her, mine threatened to shoot me), graduated, and about a thousand other things. The memories and stories are endless. I think the only bad one was when she made me take a 7:30am aerobics class our last semester. I really hated her every Monday and Wednesday morning.

When her husband proposed, he informed us not to worry because he knew we were a package deal, and thankfully he's remained true to his word. We've had two kids now (seriously, she called me from the delivery room). I'm obsessed with her kids, and she accepts that. We cry every time we leave each other. And we're working hard to be living in the same place! Our plan was to live together pretty much forever.

Pics from the recent trip - Niki, Lorelei, Nathan and Auntie Roommate (that would be me)!

Thank you, thank you God, for my best friend. 


  1. The Mom group this morning was about thankfulness. We had to write down what we were thankful for and then read it out loud. I said some of the same things this morning through my tears. I hope the next few weeks fly by and that we get some amazing news soon!

  2. true friendship love stories make me smile! so glad you had a great time with your soul mate. xo


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