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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Being barefoot liberates!" -Pat Green

When I was a kid, I went barefoot as much as possible. Much to the horror of my poor, neat, clean Mama- I went barefoot at the barn all the time. I loved it! I felt so free. I loved the sand under my feet, the mud between my toes and feeling my horse's coat while I was riding around bareback. I was a regular little farm kid- chicken poop, dirty stalls, none of it bothered me! Gross to think about, I know. But you know what- I didn't care. And that was the greatest part of it. It was the place in life I started learning not to worry about what people thought. Besides, Sally swears I got so tall from walking around where there was "fertilizer: (manure). My Roommate just hates mud, so naturally I am teaching my nephew to love it!
Nathan & Auntie

Toe ring Tay Tay gave me to wear for my birthday party. I, of course, had to remove my shoes for proper display!

My sweet Annie got home from her yachting job and headed directly to the barn... barefoot. She smiled at me and said, "I'm home!!" And I thought to myself, what happened to me?? I always have my shoes or slippers on now and think I need a nice pedi all the time. What has being a grown up done to me??

So I went to the barn with her and came back to the house with these toes:
Not pretty- but I was a happy girl! And this is mild compared to the black toes I had as a kid!

My childhood friend Drayton always said, "God made dirt, so dirt can't hurt."
Amen to that!

It's beautiful out today- find a park and go barefoot in the grass!


  1. few things are as wonderful as going barefoot and fancyfree. and also few things are better than the long shower/bath that clean them. i've been going barefoot too... adore it

  2. you have gorgeous feet and toes, your toes look so kissable and tasty! Amazing perfect toes!


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