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Friday, November 19, 2010

Goodbye, T Hamm!

T Hamm has been in my life for about 12 years now. We are long-time pals, and over the last 6 years we have become each other's side kicks and partners in crime. She has landed herself squarely into my "random friend" role because she is willing to do pretty much anything with me. We've been known to attempt to steal road signs (until we found out it was a felony), get lost hiking in the woods, listen to 80s music on road trips, stop at coffee shops we find in banks, dress as 65 year old women to go to the airport, pose for "we can do this better than Madonna" photos, trick or treat on horseback, horseback ride at midnight, etc, etc... We're weird.

Yesterday I was at T's going away party from work (which her coworkers threw her in a bar and she doesn't drink... total other conversation). She leaves in a week for Washington State where she'll meet up with her new hubby for a lifetime of bliss! (I have goosebumps right now) I am going to miss the crap out of her- but this girl has earned her right to some happiness and a great life and I'm so excited for her!

A few pics from last night's extreeeemely random event:

And a few reasons I am going to miss T so much:
(Please click to enlarge- many images are hilarious!!)

T was with me when I bought my house, broke up with a boyfriend, got cheated on, found out I couldn't have children, lost my horse, almost lost Van twice and about a million other things. And I have been with her through stalkers, a dog, a niece, jerky boyfriends, her MARRIAGE and her husband's deployment. We're life partners.

And as much as I am going to miss her, THIS is why I am so happy she's going:
John has absolutely proven himself worthy of my T. He adores her, wants to take care of her and plans to give her the love, happiness and life she deserves!

I love you T Hamm!!!


  1. Sounds like she will be well taken care of.



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