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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween & Puppies

Wow, I am way behind on Blogging! It's been a very busy few weeks.

My Halloween weekend began with the Downtown Trick-or-Treat on Friday evening. We had over 1,000 kids downtown, but I found it easy to pick my favorite costumes.
I ran into this family of gnomes outside of The Leisure Club, my new favorite spot. I was obsessed and paparazzied them! They even turned the stroller into a field of flowers for the baby. And the little boy had a beard and hat to match his dad, but was having a moment in this picture. ;) Please tell me they are the cutest thing you've ever seen. And please, see the LSU cheerleader!

I arrived home to a crazy pregnant dog. This wasn't a huge surprise since she's been crazy for a few weeks now. But it turns out that she was a bit over-the-top crazy due to labor pains. She finally delivered 24 hours later, on Saturday evening. We have two puppies, both adorable! Alpo is the boy (names after the 6 - 10 cans of Alpo Tommie CHEWED THROUGH while preggers) and Charlene in the girl. They made for a happy Sunday of cuddling. 

To end the weekend, T Hamm and I planned to go trick-or-treating through our neighborhood on horseback, passing out candy. She dressed as a cowgirl, I dressed as a farm girl. We did it five years ago and has a blast! this year was a total bust. We were completely disappointed and took ourselves out for ice cream. But we were really cute, so here's some pics anyway.

And one final photo to end the post. This is my Roommate (BFF) and family dressed as Super Mario. Roommate is Luigie, Jade is Big Mario, Nathan is Little Mario, and Lorelei is, of course, the princess!

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