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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Remarkable Creatures

In the airport on my way home, I saw that Tracy Chevalier has FINALLY written a new book! Tracy is one of my favorite authors and I adore her books. They are usually a bit surreal and very, very potent and deep.

She is most famous for Girl with the Pearl Earring, which is the story of how an ordinary Dutch girl, turned maid, came to pose for one of the world's most famous paintings.( It is immensely better than the movie, by the way, so I suggest you read it). However, she has written four other books, The Virgin Blue being my favorite. All of her books revolve around the lives of women and their ups and down, difficulties, struggles, and ultimate ability to overcome and survive- happy ending or no.

The newest book, Remarkable Creatures, looks like it will focus on an unlikely friendship between two women in the early 1800s. Both have a fascination with fossils and the focus of the story is the discovery of a strange fossil that is difficult to identify. But, having read her other books, I expect the "Remarkable Creatures" in the book to be the two women. 

Seeing as I just posted about my adoration for my best friend- you know how important my girl friends are to me. So I'm really looking forward to this read. Besides, I have a few rather unlikely friendships in my own realm (AC and S!) so I think it will be a fun perspective to read about.

I plan on rewarding myself with the book if I hit the gym enough this week!


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