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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sisterly Road Trippin

AC's post this morning inspired me! A few summers ago, Amanda was interning in Phoenix (where she now works). Katie and I flew out to drive back with her and we had many random adventures along the way. What is it about road trips with the sists that is so entertaining?

Amanda and I decided that it would be fun to have her teensie Chihuahua, Maggie, with us. So I Paris Hiltoned it out to Phoenix!

Then Amanda and I headed for the Grand Canyon- which is pretty much the most amazing place on earth.

So, here's where it gets interesing. Katie arrives, we do some hiking and hit Wally World for some major stocking up for the 24 hour drive. We get back out to Amanda's car... in the 110 degree heat... get our groceries unloaded, and the truck won't start because it decides we're stealing it. So we reload the groceries, go back into WalMart, call a cab, go back to the house, borrow the 85 year old neighbor's massive Buick, drive back to WalMart (lose some bananas along the way), have the truck towed and fixed.... eventually get home and load the truck and then hit the road at 5am the next morning all the while toting around a 4 pound Chihuahua.

Eventually we made it to Louisiana where Katie proceeded to pass out on Granny's carpet (which apparently smelled of cookies???) and then on home to P'cola. I can't tell you a lot about the drive because I basically sleep through road trips. But it went pretty easily after Amanda's truck learned we were not actually trying to steal it.


  1. HAHAHA That photo of katie on the floor is HYSTERICAL!

  2. I SWEAR the carpet smelled like cookies!!!


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