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Friday, July 16, 2010


On Tuesday I had to go to a funeral, and I whipped out the general uniform for these events: A black dress and pearls. I got so many complements on how nice and elegant I looked through the day- but when I got home I returned my pearls to their box to wait for the next "occasion." (The black dress gets worn regularly as black seems to be my signature color.)

I haven't put the box of pearls back in its drawer yet, and I was thinking this morning as I was getting dressed for work... why don't I wear these more? Why do I just leave them in their box for "occasions?"

Pearls are really one of God's more amazing gifts. The start of as a piece of trash bothering an oyster and eventually turn into something women covet as a sign of elegance and wealth. Talk about trash to treasure! Did you know that in ancient times pearls were thought to bring good fortune, ward off evil spirits, and cure illness as well as stand as a symbol of feminine charm?

This morning I decided to just go for it- I pulled my hair into a nice pony tail, put on some cute sandals, jeans, a nice black top... and my pearls! The result? My boss told me I looked very dressed up for a Friday.

I resolve to take my pearls out more often!

My Gran in her pearls (that I inherited) with her famous zinnias.


  1. Love the pearls!

  2. That is a stunning picture of Granny! Bring on the pearls, they are fabulous.


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