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Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Mother the Professional Cowgirl

This is a true story.

I'm pretty sure this whole event occured about two years ago because Amanda was home from college about to venture off to Phoenix. Katie was living with me in my completely adorabe little house in Navy Point. Mama and I had just gotten back from dinner at Deborah's house, and for some reason we all converged at my house. We did that a lot, so we didn't really need an excuse- but now that I think about it, Amanda must have been picking Mama up because Mama didn't have her own keys... explination to follow...

Mama and I pulled up about the same time as Amanda, and Kae came outside to greet us seeing as the Great Dane and Golden Retriever were about to burst through my glass front door. The door handle is onf of those that locks automatically and Kae locked herself out. So Amanda tossed her Mama's car keys (she had a key to my house), but overstimated her strength and they landed on my roof. Oops.

To remebdy this, rather than just driving home to get Mama's spare key, we pulled my truck into the front yard (and into my flower bed) and Mama created a lasso from my garden hose- I think this could have been my idea- and proceeded to try and "lasso" her keys and drag them off of the roof. I thought this was HILARIOUS (as you can see in photo number two). After about 20 minutes of effort, she finally did get her keys down. Actually, I think Amanda managed to get the keys down- and into my front flower bed where we lost them for the second time. But eventually we found them there as well.

I just love my Mama- she may do anything at any moment and you can bet whatever "it" is, it will be funny! Notice Katie and Amanda were unwilling to actually participate in this ridiculous event, but were more than willing to take photos.

No trucks, garden hoses or rooves were harmed in this effort. Only the bushed on both sides of my front door!

The End.


  1. that's hysterical! i haven't heard that one before!!!

  2. p.s. you should post your outfit you are wearing today!


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