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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Promises are Promises, but Facts are Facts

Hello Lovelies!

You girls are always talking fashion and diet tips. Probably because you are all much cuter than I with better self control. I happen to know for a fact that my AC counts the calories of her beers. This freaks me out a little, but OK.

Anyhow- I was reading yesterday and read these facts that I think are pretty good to keep in mind-just to keep yourself balanced. Stay cute and gorgeous and have fun- but don't freak yourself out!

A study at the University of Colorado found that women overestimate the size of their hips by 16% and their waists by 25%, but the same women were able to correctly estimate the width of a box.

The "ideal" woman- portrayed by models, Miss America, Barbie Dolls and actresses- is 5'5, weighs 100 pounds and wears a size 5.

30% of women chose and ideal body shape that is 20% underweight and an additional 44% chose an ideal body shape that is 10% underweight.

The average US woman is 5'4 (I totally missed that mark!) and weighs 140 pounds. The average US model is 5'11 and weighs 117 pounds (oops, missed that one too...)

Young girls are more afraid of becoming fat than they are of nuclear war, cancer, or losing a parent.

And, saddest: In 1970 the average age of a girl who started dieting was 14; by 1990 the average age fell to 8 (EIGHT!?!?!?).

I'm not trying to depress anyone- being cute and taking good care of the bodies God gave is is very important. But many of us will be moms one day and most of us have young girls in our lives right now. We need to remember to show them what it is to be healthy and balanced and have great self esteem. I didn't, so I know how important it is.


  1. haha! i may count my calories in beer but i definitely worry more about cancer and war than getting fat! LOL! :) but that's me, a worrier!

  2. You also have great self esteem- so you're probably good!


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