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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Montenegrin Commandments

So, you may have noticed my little nap button on the side of my blog. That's because I love naps and being lazy.

Black Lake Montenegro
My sister sent me a postcard from Montenegro (a tiny little country in southeast Europe) and I'm thinking about moving there as these are their "10 Commandments." Also, it looks rather lovely!

1. Man was born tired and he lives to rest
2. Love your bed as you love yourself
3. Rest during the day, so during the night you can sleep
4. Do not work, work kills
5. If you see someone resting, help him
6. Work less than you can, and what you can give away to others.
7. In shade is salvation, nobody has died of rest.
8. Work brings illness, don't die young.
9. If, by chance, you wish to work; sit, wait, you will see, it will pass.
10. When you see others eating and drinking, move closer; if you see them working move away, do not disturb them.

Montenegro, anyone??

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