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Monday, April 12, 2010

Request Granted

This post is at the request of my AC, who is part of the story. And I'm totally giggling just remembering!

Background Info:
My Mama drove my truck for a few days while I was on a trip and loved it. So she bought herself one. The exact one. My Mama buys new cars like they're earrings.

I used to go get a mani every two weeks at Style Salon downtown.

OK, the story goes like this:
I was just leaving Style after a Mani, apparently about 3 seconds (literally) before AC walked in for an eyebrow wax. She pulled up in her schnazzy little jeep at Palafox and Gregory, and happened to look over at the stoplight across the median where she saw my truck and a person driving which she thought was me. So she proceeds to jump around waving and yelling, "ASH HAM!" and as the truck begins to go through the light the person driving is waving back frantically. AC yells, "I LOVE YOU!" to the truck and the truck driver yells, "I LOVE YOU TOO!" about the time AC realizes it isn't me. All the while I'm about a half block away trying to walk without smudging my nails. How funny is God??

So my phone rings, and it's Mama, and I manage to answer it without doing too much damage to my nails. Mama proceeds to tell me that she just met the CUTEST Fairly while she was driving because an, "Adorable girl was getting out of a Jeep on Palafox and started waving at her and yelling that she loved ME! So I yelled I loved her back!"

"Mama, did you know who it was?"

"No, I didn't know who it was, Ash, but when someone yells they love you you just say it back! And she was jumping and waving!"

"She was in a Jeep? That must have been AshMatt. How did I miss her?"

"I don't know, but if it was please tell her she's SOOO cute!"

"Isn't she? OK, I will!"

Then, about 45 minutes later I get an email from Ash telling me that she thinks she just met my mother on the street, to which I replied, "Yep- that was her!"

And, once again, my Mama makes a big impression! Not to mention Ash!
Did I miss anything, Ash? Leave out any good parts?


  1. I love this story!! people should be more like our ash and your mom!!!!

  2. o.m.g. no!!!! That was exactly how it went down!!! AND I LOVED IT! i was so frightened your mom would think i was a total lunatic! turns out we are more alike than i ever knew...:)


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