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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Happy Birthday to Kae! She gets two birthdays this year- one in Guam and one in the U.S. Kind of unfair, but OK.

I was at the barn the other night brushing her horse and reminiscing about our childhood there. She recently was given back her horse, Baby. When we were little the horse she loved, Jackie, was pregnant. She was bred to have a Paint, which were in high demand then. Katie wanted that baby SO bad, and the lady who owned Jackie told Katie that if the baby was born solid (no spots) she could have him for $500.00; an unheard of price for his bloodline. Katie saved her money for months and we prayed and prayed! Katie and I read through all of Sally's breeding books about how to care for a pregnant mare. Once, we calculated the proper number of carrots that Jackie should have daily to make sure the baby got enough vitamins. It was about 10 a day, and Jackie really liked that discovery. We groomed her and bathed her and walked her around and around the pasture to be sure she got enough exercise. When time got close for the baby to be born, we spent nights in the hay room next to her stall waiting and keeping watch. Somewhere, we have a video of those days I need to revive.

Finally, one morning while we were at school, or on the way, the baby came. Naturally, we skipped school that day. Not a spot was on that horse! He was as Bay as the day is long! And oh, did we cuddle him! I don't believe he slept on the ground that day- he was splayed across two or three laps.

Katie spent weeks pondering a name for him, but eventually "Baby" stuck. His registered name is "I'm an Answered Prayer." She trained him, broke him, showed him, taught on him. He's bomb proof for her. But when she went off to college, she sold him. Then, about 6 years later the couple that bought him for their granddaughter gifted him back. So Baby is home again, ironically living back in the very stall he was born in. And I pray my Kae is soon too!

Katie, for your birthday I pray for an easier year for you to come, joy, peace, more beautifully answered prayers, and at least 10 carrots a day just for good measure. ;)


  1. I am literally CRYING!!!!!! HAPPY BDAY KAE! Can't wait til you get home!!! xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday Katie! I hope you enjoy BOTH of them.


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