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Monday, April 19, 2010


Guess what?!?! My cutie Brother-in-Law (affectionately referred to as "Montana" by me) is coming home in about a week! Well, not "home" home, but back to Guam and away from Iraq, so good!

In honor of his return, I would like to tell the story behind this picture and of how he and Kae (the sist) met. You're welcome, Kae!

I was dating this person that we won't mention and he, Kae and I went to a winging party at the Fish House one night. Justin was there, and he and the person we won't mention were buds from Corpus Christi. We had actually met Justin one night a month or so before, but he was too afraid to talk to Katie then. Thankfully he was considerably drunker at the winging party. We get there, massive numbers of boys wanted to hit on Kae (seriously, I turned away at least 5 in 10 mins that I knew to be no good. That's what sisters are for). For some unbeknown reason, I let Justin through. He and Kae hit it off right away, they danced and danced and Justin dipped her and whacked her head into a chair. This was some cause for concern, but he was so distraught that it was actually hilarious. At some point, Justin complimented me on my very cute, very pink necklace. He then decided he should model it and stole it for the evening. This went on for much of the night and I didn't see much of Kae until it was time to leave. We said goodbye and then found Justin wondering around in the parking lot. It seems his roommates had returned to Milton without him. In a rather strange turn of judgement for us, Katie and I took him home and made him sleep on the couch with the person we won't mention. He hung "his" pink necklace in my blinds in the living room and Kae and I left them there until we moved as an ode to Justin.

For some reason I can't explain, Justin had swim trunks. So we all went boating the next day. Meaning: Katie and Justin parked themselves at the front of the boat and talked the entire day while I kept the Margaritas flowing. To this day, Justin craves my Margaritas and writes of them longingly from Iraq. Not so bad to have a hot bartender as a sister-in-law, I guess!

For the following week, Just drove me completely insane with texts regarding the beauty of my sister. I was finally so annoyed that I just gave him her number so he could annoy her.

The next thing I know, Kae has married Justin and moved to Guam! HELLO! I had no idea what I was starting. Katie is a remarkable human being that has survived life on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean by herself for 7 months while Justin was deployed. She deserves as much respect and credit as he does, so say your prayers that their reunion is magical and perfect! They live on a tropical island, so I'm thinking the setting will be good...

Love you Kae and Montana!!


  1. WHAT A REUNION IT WILL BE!!! :) I have goosebumps just thinking about him coming home! YAY!!!!!

  2. Aw, great story! I never knew the whole thing. And Kae is amazing for sticking it out on that tiny island. But then, all Hamlin women are quite incredible!!


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