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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Get Off Your Knees and Pray

I didn't make up the catchy title to this post, Sheila Walsh did. This is obviously why she is the writer and public speaker and I have a marginally read blog. Yeah, well...

Get Off Your Knees and Pray is a book I picked up at the Goodwill one day for $0.99. I happened to be going through a period where I was worrying about my prayer life. God is so cool! See- I believe truly and wholly in the power of prayer. And I love that we get to pray. I have no idea how people made it when they had to go to priests to get  through to God. Because really, I chat with him constantly. But at the time I bought the book (and still some, actually) I was worried because I don't always focus well, I mean everything I pray about but sometimes don't 'feel" like I'm serious enough, and I get bogged down. Sounds like I'm an awful pray-er, right? Maybe not. This book is great! Sheila really made me feel better about who I am and where I am in my faith. It's hard sometimes to remember that we don't always have to be "on," we don't always have to be strong, and we certainly don't all have to be eloquent pray-ers. Like all religious-based books, there are parts I could do without. But religion and spirituality is so personal I believe that's always true. I kept many of the pieces of this book and carry them with me. A few favorite points:

"I no longer believe it is possible to stink at prayer."

"God hears all our prayers, the good and the bad. He is big enough to handle our honest questions and our doubts and even our anger."

"I am convinced that the words we use are of less interest to God than the intent of our hearts. God hears our heart no matter the words we use."

I have a lot more underlined in the book, but those are some main points for me. Especially that last one. Because I make a point of praying for my family and friends every morning. I stop, look at their photos and let God know I love them, am thankful for them, and what I want for them. But sometimes it feels like I am just checking off a list. The good news is that God knows how much my heart needs these people. He knows how my life is sustained by them and that the things I want for them are because I adore them so much! It was a relief to hear that He knew where my prayers were stemming from, and understood my intent- even if I don't always get it exactly right.

An example: My friend Shannon is one of the most talented, creative people there is. Unfortunately all of the world's creative people don't end up stars. Actually- that's good for me because I really need S and I never would have met her if she'd been famous because I have zero creative ability. Anyhow... S was doing some acting and singing and was a magazine editor. She took magazines that were mediocre on their best days and made them beautiful. She really, really is good ad what she does. Then she had babies. These babies are two of God's better creations to be sure. I'm obsessed with them. But her life took a drastic change when they came and creative outlets went out the window. She's a totally awesome mom, but (and I can say this because she knows how I mean it) it always bothered me a little that she wasn't succeeding in her field when she was so damn GOOD! She was glad she wasn't succeeding because she wanted to be a mom, but you know. So I chatted with God about it pretty regularly and just asked him for a good solution. Then one day (a few years later)  she got a call from a former work acquaintance for some freelance work. That freelance work turned in to the request for her to be their go-to freelance writer and fill in. DUH! Perfect- she can do it from home while Aury is at school and the world keeps getting to see her rockin work until she can get back to it more fully. Perfect solution, God. Well done!

I have no idea if you guys have stuck with me this long. But if you have, just remember that you're saved and covered. God doesn't judge you as harshly as you judge yourself. Just tell him what you think, what you need and why you're worried. He will figure it out. We don't all have to be super spiritual buffs. Some of us can just be us and love the best we can.

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