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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kudos, Glamour

So, I was reading my Glamour Magazine on the elliptical this morning before work and found a few articles about body image, healthy weight and Photo Shopping in the current issue. Wait- let me rephrase that: I found a few real and worthwhile articles about body image, health and Photo Shopping. Worth a read if you're up for it.

One of the articles discussed the Photo Shopping of photos in magazines, ads, books, etc and whether or not it should be done. I think we all know that the retouching of photos has gotten out of control. Removing blemishes and stray hairs is one thing- taking inches off of waists and adding abs is another. The truth is that it's not just young girls seeing these pictures and getting bad body images that lead to eating disorders; it's you and me as well. Thus my being on the elliptical before work this morning. Seeing celebrities on the beach, models in clothes and advertisements for perfume (hello! so racy!) messes with my brain too- and while I know that the images aren't real, it doesn't stop how it shadows the view I have of myself in the mirror.

The other article I loved was a reality check about celebrity appearances. It's their JOB, ladies! Gweneth Paltrow spends at least an hour and a half in the gym 6 days a week and watches what she eats. They admit how they look involves daily stylists, deprivation and lots of exercise. So unless you plan to quit your life and become a professional celebrity- good luck!

All this being said, Glamour is not going to stop touching up photos. But it did open the door fairly wide for discussion and was up front about its practices. It also pledges to cut back on the amount of Photo Shopping done. We'll see if it really happens- and if it does, good move, Glamour.

Retouching Article

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