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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Girl Crush Obsession

OK, so let me just go ahead and admit something:
I have a MAJOR girl crush on Sadiekins (Sadiekins = Sarah Tucker). Last night I was thinking how funny it was that I consider us buddies and have created my own nickname for her. See, she is BFF with my BFF (AC), and I have actually met her in person three times, so I think that makes us BFF-in-laws. But it's way easier to say girl-crush and that's what it really is.

I was scoping out my other obsession (Pinterest) last night and looking at an outfit pin she put up and I thought- I really just want her to dress me. Here is why...

Actual Sadiekins Outfits:
I might love this one a little extra because she has a bottle of wine in her hand and  also I have a blazer fetish. 

Outfits Sadikins likes:

Actual Sadikins outfit she was wearing when I met her:

Why yes, that IS a Hooters to-go box she's dancing with and NO, we never actually ate at hooters that night.

My Sadikins inspired outfit (which I will be wearing tonight):

So, dear internet friends that don't even know me, please indulge this obsession. (AC, you must indulge it too) It's slightly weird and odd, I know this. But girl-crushing on the sweet, incomparable Sarah Tucker just makes me feel better about the world. Actually- you should think of taking up Sadie-worship too. 


  1. Sadie is the sweetest most genuine caring and giving person EVER!!! Oh and thoughtful - beautiful inside and out!!! She's an addiction! Completely understand!

  2. Oh ash ham, I just found this. Must have been away. This totally made my night! Love you BFF in law!!! xoxox


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