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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Time Management is Hard!

Lately, I've been totally stressing about fitting everything in. It is HARD, folks! I have to keep up some ruse of an exercise routine because of my hormonies, my sweetie puppy girl is perfect all day wile I work and must get out to exercise, work takes up TOO MUCH TIME, I need to eat healthy which takes some type of preparation and not a drive through window, I haven't been reading as much (until I picked up Unbroken) and I miss books, I need to get out and network and make new Texas-type friends, I don't want to be alone forever... and did I mention work takes up too much time? All of this is weighing on me while the truth of the situation is that I really just want to spend my time with my BFF and her two kids because I am obsessed with them (in a good way).

I can not fit it all in. If I keep up the work-out routine I did in P'cola I come home, work out (leaving my dog alone again), take Van for a swim, eat something quickly, shower, got to bed. Did you see anything fun in there - because I did not.

After much stress, prayer, and self berating I decided to make some priorities.

#1 is a tie between The Kickels and Van. (Don't judge. My dog is my child)
#2 is exercise for the sole reason that it keeps my hormones balanced. If it didn't I would ditch it.
#3 Is work. It kinda has to be a priority because it pays the bills
#4 Reading (I heart books, OK??)

I have condensed my workout. I don't need to be buff- I just need to be me. Time with Van and Niki keep me balanced and happy and was the purpose of packing up my life and moving to Texas. Though I would one day like to work part time or from home and have horses and cows and pigs and chickens and a duck- for now work is an office and a desk and a necessity so I may as well not fight it. I've been spending more time reading and it really does make a difference for me and my mental state.

It ain't perfect, but it's working.
Am I the only one? How do you guys balance things?


  1. I have to wonder how you find time to post to your blog so often. If I could update my website as often as you do, I'd be doing great.

    As for balancing, I suppose I just go until I feel like something's outta whack. Then, I focus on that thing. If I don't have Jonas and Beth time every day, it's a real drag and ruins the rest of the day.

  2. Have you thought about working out pre-work? A.M.? It literally saves my whole day! It's hard at first to get up early but then you don't have to worry about it!


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