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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dear Kid Rock

Watched the CMT Video Music Awards last night. I love country music, but I have no idea what CMT was trying to pull...

Dear Kid Rock (and also CMT),
You are not country. White trash does not automatically equal country.
He's wearing a silver track suit.
First, what men wear track suits?
Second, What country stars wear track suits?
'Nuf said.

Let me be clear, you look like an idiot.

I really think Jade put it perfectly last night when he asked, "So is he going to change his name to 'Kid Country'?"
Also- all country music stations nation wide, feel free to stop playing Kid Rock's music. I always change the channel.

Dear Sheryl Crow,
So many questions for you. Like why do you associate with the like of this:

Also, you showed the world your crotch when you got on your stool. Seriously. But kudos to you for coming back on stage later and owing up to it as well as telling us all that you were, in fact, wearing underwear. 

Also kudos for having legs that hot.
But why, why, WHY, I ask, do you mix your voice with someone of no talent?

You looked much better here.

Other strange occurrences:
Ludicrous. At the Country Music Awards. He may be even less country thank Kid Rock.
And while we're at it: Jason Aldean (who he was there singing with) stop trying to rap. You're country. Leave the rapping to Ludicrous. Preferably on MTV. 

Someone make this kid go away! It was bad enough that I had to see him on the MTV awards. Now he's all up in my country? His song with Rascal Flatts confirms my suspicions of that group... (Sorry Niki)

And I could never comment on country music without mentioning my crush. 

I love you Jennifer Nettles. You are perfect always. 

So, CMT, I get that you're trying to be cool. But stick to country, will ya? Those of us who like country music like it because it's different from pop and metal and rap. Don't try to blend them. Unless you want to have Keith Urban or Brad Paisley do another duet with John mayer. That's OK. 


  1. Another snarky and interesting post. Also, for what it's worth, I too have a crush on Jennifer Nettles. I want her to sing to me every night before bed. She's country in all the right places.

  2. i LOVE country music and pretty much live for awards shows with their fun performances. but how bad did last night's show suck?? i felt the exact same way about everything you said!! the ACM's were so much better!!


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