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Monday, June 6, 2011

MTV Movie Awards Fashion & Commentary

I think we all know I am really no fashion maven. I'm not up to par on what's cool and even when I am, I often wouldn't wear it! But I do like to comment on it sometimes, and since fashion posts are the most popular I'm going to go for it more often.

I watched about an hour of the MTV Movie Awards last night. Genius timing on their part- there were no good Law & Order marathons on and so therefore nothing else to watch. It was ridiculously boring and badly written, I must say. And also- I had no clue whatsoever who more than half of the "celebrities" were.

Amanda Bynes, I know that I have not seen you on TV since your appearance in that random ABC Family show because you're a terrible actress. Maybe I haven't seen you in public much because you were arrested for prostitution. You look like a hooker. Those shoes are not cute and your dress is painted on! I am sure you work out 10 times a day for your body, and it's pretty hot. But the dress is disgusting.
If you visit P'cola, visit Cervantes and the alphabets because you'll deff get picked up. 

First- Who are you? Second- why are you wearing tights in the summer? Third- if you can afford to go to the MTV Movie Awards you can afford tights without snags. 

I also have no clue who this is, but she's wearing an Audrey Hepburn-esque dress so I think I like her. But how did she fit into her seat?  

I like Emma Stone. And I actually know who she is because AC took me to see Easy A. Not a fan of this dress, but she does a cute thing with her lip when she talks so I forgive her. 

I think this is the girl from True Grit, which I am DYING to see (I'm always super slow to get around to seeing movies). She looks a tad bit goth, but she is age appropriate and I like tuxes on women (girls in this case). Just get it more tailored next time. 

This was the host. No clue who he is. And he's really not that funny either. 

This is not appropriate. Or funny. Yuck.

Honey, your gig as a vampire is over. You can stop looking half dead now. 

HAHA! I accidentally added this! Since AC is my fashion go-to I'll leave it in. She is perfect all the time. 

Patrick Dempsey is also perfect all the time. Perfectly hot!

I'm not really a huge fan of Reece's dress here. But she was so adorable when she got her generation award! And I loved that she said, "You CAN make it as a good girl in Hollywood! And I hope I show that. And if you take naked pictures of yourself- don't get your face in the shot! Hello!"
Excellent advice.

Wow- WHO is this? Those teeth!

I think this is the girl who dates Justin Beiber. Justin Beiber is completely lame, so I have no idea WHY she dates him. But she's adorable here, so OK. 
Also- the comment by that host guy about her making out with Justin Beiber and swallowing his baby teeth may have been the only funny thing he said all night.

This guy really isn't that hot to me. I can actually kinda see the appeal, but he looks kinds strange, doesn't he? Dude- buy new shoes. 

THIS proves that he IS strange and it's exactly why he is not allowed to go anywhere near my sweet T Swift ever, ever again. 

This guy is hot! But guess what, he is apparently in some new MTV show called Teen Wolf. He is clearly not a teenager. He's at least as old as me and I haven't seen my teens in ages. So odd casting there...

OK, that's all I've got! I turned it off and went to bed early, I admit it. It was BORING!

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  1. Oh Ash! You're the cutest. Thanks for posting me up there with the celebs :) :) LOOOOVE Emma Stone!


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