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Friday, September 24, 2010

Smart Ass Questions

So, I saw this today. It's a warning on a plastic bag a computer came in

1. If the slash is BEHIND the photo, does that mean it's OK to smother and choke yourself?
2. Do you really need to smother yourself with a plastic bag AND choke yourself at the same time? Isn't that kind of overkill?
3. Is he actually choking himself, or holding the ends of the bag down so that no new air can get in? And if the second is the case, do you really thing the warning on a bag would have stopped him?

These kinds of warnings baffle me. They really do. Like the warning stickers they put on the plastic storage containers you buy at Wal Mart. I can see a child climbing into one of the boxes to play. But if a person is going to lock the lid onto the container with their kid inside, don't you think they would have done something anyway??? Do the boxes really need a warning. Because I don't know anyone who would not see their child in a CLEAR PLASTIC CONTAINER and accidentally put the lid on and lock the kid inside. And even is this mistake did occur, you would HEAR your kid in there or feel the instable weight in it when you lifted the box.

I worry more about our legal system when I realize that people get away with suing, and winning cases, against companies that make plastic bags and containers than I do when it lets criminals out onto the streets.
Good grief!

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