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Monday, September 20, 2010

Fish Tales

While all of you were probably doing very important, refined things this weekend (Sarah drinking port)- I was fishing. And it was fantastic!
There was a midget slumber party occurring at the farm, so I ran away to Perdido and Daddy-o woke me up because the fish were biting. There is nothing like a beautiful morning on the water in Perdido; and they are even better with my Daddy, his boat, and Van along!
Hope your Sunday was as beautiful as mine!

Oh, what a beautiful morning...

Van is a FREAK about fishing. She doesn't trust Daddy with the fish, and she watches his every move. Poor dog has never pointed or retrieved the first bird... but show her a fish and it's ON.

Our catch!

Measuring for Amanda. When we were little, Daddy always told us, "That fish is a long as your leg!"

My 22 inch Red. I made him so very proud. :)

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