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Thursday, August 22, 2013


Do you nickname people? If you do, do you ever refer to them by their real names again? Because I don't.

This is AC and I (AshHam) last week. She is a true love of my life, my spiritual stronghold, and as crazy and unstable as I am; we HAD to be friends. She and her husband stopped to see me on their way to Corpus. He is "The Hubbs." As in I have never referred to him as Shep or Sheppard since they got married. Literally. And I do this a lot! 

I prefer nick names because I adopt people into my life and heart and I feel like it singles them out as significant and necessary in my world. Also, once someone had a nick name you are forever bound. They cannot go away.

My boyfriend thinks this is very weird. Conversation after lunch with AC and The Hubbs last week:

G: How was your day, baby?
Me: AWESOME!! I got to see AC and The Hubbs!!
G: What?
Me: I had lunch with AC and The Hubbs.
G: Who is that?
Me: Ashley and Shep. I told you they were driving through.
G: Yes, I know that. But The Hubbs? I thought you went to see a band or something,
Me: No, his name is The Hubbs. I never call him Shep.
G: OK... do you ever call people by their real names?
Me: No. Why would I do that?


My sisters: Kae and Mana
- Mana hates this. Kae lets me do whatever I want -



G or Boyfriend
- I do refer to him as German sometimes. But he's still newish. - 

So there you go. When I assign people highly important roles in my life, they get nicknames... never again to be known by their actual names. It's a quirk. I have lots of them. 


  1. You are a quirk. A lovely, delicious, wonderful quirk!

  2. Yep. That's why you keep me around. For entertainment.


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