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Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Five (Quotes)

I learned this one growing up at the farm with Big Sal. I adore the Goodwill and thrift shops!

This is a really hard one, especially in my family. We have a tendency to let our struggles be who we are, not what we are going through.

I mean, REALLY! You only need book ends if you are putting some books out for display like my beautiful collection of Willa Cather books from S. Case in point, yesterday I went to the Goodwill (see above) on my lunch break and left with two glasses (mis-matched, of course) and 6 books. At $1.99 you just can't leave them! And you can never have too many books.

This is another toughie. I let someone go from my life a few months ago and it was incredibly hard. But the truth is, we were not good for each other.

Keep faith. It's all we really have.

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