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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Better Late Than Never

I'm late with Lorelei's B-day pics! Bad, I know. But my camera battery died and I kept forgetting to charge it. Oops!

Last Saturday, Niki had Lorelei's 1st Birthday Party! And you know- the kiddos eating that first cake is just the best.

Oooh, cake and fire!

This cupcake is nice... but can I have all of them?

Happy girl with her cake face

Big bro digs in too (really, are their faces not the cutest??)

cake fingers!!

We all had a blast. And after 15 or so adults and their children (10 total) I took a 2 hour nap!

Since I didn't have a blog when Aury was one- here are pics from her first birthday (she's almost 3 now, but whatever!)
Yep- we gave her chocolate.
She used her toes as well as her fingers. And I'm pretty sure we ruined the hotel towel!

I feel like Aury was worse- but maybe it's because we didn't have her in a chair and we gave her chocolate. She certainly got her entire body involved, though!
And can we talk about her hair for a sec- did she not look like a 20s-era babe with that cutie do?

I ADORE my nephews and nieces. Can you tell? Is it odd to be so obsessed with other people's children?

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