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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Football Season

Hallelujah and Prise the Lord- its almost football season again!! I am on the countdown for September 4th, girlies, and I have ants in my pants!

My true love, LSU, will be back on the field. If I knew how to post music on this thing, I would play you my phone's ringtone so that you could feel the goosebumps shoot up your arms at that starting drum roll and the Tiger Rag!
Unfortunately we open the season in the Georgia Dome. But thankfully the band sounds amazing anywhere, the fans will drive, Bourbon and beer are sold in Atlanta, and North Carolina's blood will look just as good on that field. I'm awful, I know. But I bleed purple and gold!
And also...
I'm debating how I feel about so many new Saints fans in the mix after the Super bowl win. I mean, on the one hand it's about time. On the other- they don't deserve true fan stature if they haven't loved that gold Fleur de Lis all the years that it was sadly, sadly black... Thoughts??

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